Friday, February 26, 2010

Divine Mother Takes Over the Atlanta Seminars

Ananda and Sondra in Atlanta

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Sondra Ray speaking on the Divine Mother in Atlanta

Many were exposed to the Divine Mother energy in the Atlanta seminars last week as Sondra introduced the participants to the Divine Mother Puja, an homage paid to the feminine aspects of the Divine Force in our lives. Rose petals were offered to the Altar, and those present were touched by the depth of the ceremony.

Ananda and Tom Pellegrino hosted the events, and did a remarkable job bringing the people to the Divine Mother, and to the wonders of Liberation Breathing®. Sondra gave various talks on A Course In Miracles, Spiritual Healing, The Spiritual Laws of Money, and the Miracle Consciousness needed to face the challenges of these times.

Ananda is a practicing Rebirther and Massage Therapist, extraordinaire. She has been building her practice for the last four years in the Atlanta area. Strongly devoted to the "Hugging Saint", Amritanandamayi, or better known as just "Amma", Ananda brings a strong faith to the work....and the joy of service. Her friend, Tom Pellegrino, and fellow organizer, helped with the events and provided us with a place for private sessions, and good Italian hospitality to the max. Tom, originally from Long Island, NY, now resides in Decatur, Georgia, in a wonderfully wooded suburb of the Atlanta city. He fed us, housed us, and entertained us with the Olympics on his HD Widescreen TV when we were "off duty".

Sondra speaking at the Urban Body Yoga Center of Atlanta

At the Urban Body Yoga Center of Atlanta the people were open to Liberation Breathing®. Spiritual healing and the spiritual laws of money were the subjects Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, Mark shared on A Course in Miracles, and Sondra told her stories of India, Babaji, and the Divine Mother. Mark painted Babaji as well, a painting that is now in the healing center of Ananda's.

"Babaji in Atlanta"

Tom and Sondra in Atlanta

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

proves to be a Graceland of Gratitude !!!

SONDRA RAY on the Memphis LRT

Teacher, Karen Breslin, from Washington DC, slugged through the East Coast snow and flew to Memphis to attend the LRT. She had this to say after the training:

"Words cannot adequately express what being with both of you for the Loving Relationships Training this past weekend meant to me. I had been feeling like I needed to find another way to accelerate my growth and healing for many months. I know that I was led to you.

The blessings that were given and received since the moment I trusted and said, YES! to the training, were amazing to me. There were so many that it seems difficult for me to put into words right now.

Your training was very important in furthering my healing process at this particular time with what my intentions and goals are, along with my history. What a blessing to have been in Sondra's presence and have the gifts of her knowledge of prenatal nursing with my particular birth history! [Karen was in an incubator for three months!] Thank you for your care and gentleness with me, Sondra. I very much needed this care for my healing.

I want to thank both of you, and honor you for who you are and what you created in your relationship with each other. Being in your presence and witnessing the way you are with each other is very beautiful. Having seen and witnessed your partnership in action shows me and others that the kind of relationship that I am creating is possible.

........ Thank you for both of your courage to move beyond where many human beings have been unwilling to go. Thank you for being willing to have and lead the Loving Relationships Training this past weekend in Memphis. The date, time, location of training and city were all perfect! Thank you for sharing the way you have been supported and guided by Holy Beings that has allowed you to be in this world in service to others."

Sondra with Memphis Rebirther, Organizer and Artist, Saj Crone

Bill & Dolly Brenneman, of Houston, Texas, drove 9 hours to attend the training. Dolly had this to say:

"....... We are both very glad we went, and thanks so much for your encouragement that we did. With every workshop with you, I get to continue to deepen my understanding of myself and my relationship to all...... I found the Loving Relationships Training most beneficial in gaining insights for having a healthy relationship within myself, and the spiritual connection to others. I love the way you sum up the 10 patterns, making it easier for me to be more aware when I feel activated. I continuously am amazed at how much my birth traumas had affected me. It is a joy to share in the love, joy and peace energy from everyone in the room at the end of the weekend. What a unique way to celebrate Valentine's Day!"

And Bill commented as well:

"Your special sharing of yourselves with us as we pursue our paths together was more than I could have expected or hoped for.......Since last night and through this morning, I have been riding the rebirthing and ascension internet non stop, especially your web site. It is a blessing to have such quick and easy access to the messages you shared with us in person in Memphis. Thank you for your insistence that we be there. Thank you for having this on line resource available to keep the process and the learning rolling. Thank you both for blessing us with your gifts. Now it is up to us to put this together with all the other wisdom inputs that we have had the privilege to access and make something out of it. I pray our effort not only advances us, but creates something of value for others with whom we are connected and with whom we come into contact."

We were all happy to be in the town where Elvis Presley got his launch into stardom. Sun Studio, where it all began, was just blocks from the premier Memphis Peabody Hotel, where we gave the training. There was an energy of this "humble beginning" in the training, as the LRT was reintroduced to Memphis, after a few years of absence. The spirit of Elvis permeates the town......even as the very fond memories of this passing musical hero.
We stopped to get a few shots of the Sun Studio building on Union Avenue. It was a clear and cloudless day on Sunday, and how appropriate to start the morning with a short remembrance of the King of Rock & Roll.....on Valentine's Day, on the final day of the LRT. (This auspicious day in 1984, our Master, Sri Babaji, chose to take conscious departure from a body. Known as Babaji's "Samadhi Day". Valentine's was also the day we got together, two years ago in Asheville, NC, for the beginning of our relationship.)

It was a Sunday of celebration. People attending the training had just got through the ten common family patterns the day before, and were in a very light hearted, upbeat and receptive energy. We were very grateful to be in the beautiful Peabody Hotel, whose aesthetically conscious space was conducive to the high thoughts ushered in by the LRT. People began to open up to their higher Self, and share from the heart. Couples who were on the verge of breaking up were getting clearer about the appreciation they had for one another. ALL IN ALL, a clear atmosphere enveloped all of us, and the blue sky was shining on the group from all angles, even on the ten feet tall electric guitar hanging in front of Sun Studio !!!!!!

Mark painted "Sophia of Memphis" during the training, and She was graciously acquired by Linda and Dan Roberson. Linda had this to say:

"Sometimes there is doubt in me about what the Divine can do. Then I stop and realize, The divine CAN do ANY THING, even enter computers and change the outcome of one's life. It happened for us to find the LRT weekend, just when it was most needed, and in Memphis, easy driving distance. Through Mark and Sondra as a team, the transformational force is not doubled, but so magnified, that it is infinite. Words truly can not impart the Gratitude in my heart. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sophie is currently lending her vibrational force to our home, I know there is great power in your paintings which come from the divine. Thank you so very much for the painting and taking time to speak with our group. Also our thanks to Sondra, as we can not imagine the mess we would be in with out her and her teachings."

Vivian, Karen, Dan, Linda & Betsy

Many who attended the training were housed by the very generous Betsy Hamric. Even those who did not have a place to stay were offered her living room couch. It was quite moving to have the spirit of service permeating the group. We were very grateful to Betsy for taking this "innkeeper" role, and were very inspired by her giving nature. Betsy wrote this about the weekend:

"Dear Sondra & Mark, the universal Mother Love that we experienced this past weekend was a very special gift for which I thank you. Living out from "What have ye in the house?" - being willing to pour forth that which God makes manifest in life results in being truly human.

The Divine Mother energy surely did amplify that pouring forth, and I was shown how that appears to others in this world. I was a bit surprised and very grateful for all the love that flooded back to me. It was not difficult to take people in. To one, I hesitated, because I only had a couch to offer. I have literally been where that person was..... So, to whatever degree I can put omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence in the place of human and material concepts, I am lifting up consciousness and hopefully creating a space where others may leave their old limitations and concepts behind. All who stayed in my home were beautiful spirits. We had a wonderful meditation together here the last morning.

Your commitment on a grand scale to helping people rise above the material and mental levels of being is surely saving many lives at this crucial point in human history. Few would take the risk of that commitment. I am truly grateful.

Love, Betsy"

And to all of you who attended the Memphis LRT, to all of you on the production team who helped make it happen, to Dianne Westphal and her staff at the Peabody Hotel, our "Graceland of Gratitude" goes out to you. THANK YOU ALL for making this training a huge success. Special thanks to Saj Crone, her assistants Debbie Walker and Sandy Howard, and to Shanti McKinnie and Judith Johnstone for providing us with housing. Bole Baba Ki Jai!!!


Sandy Howard, Debbie Walker, Saj & Sondra at BB King's "Itta Bena Restaurant"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A "Super Bowl" Week of Liberation Breathing in South Florida!!

Benicio Farina facilitating the breathing session at Unity On The Bay in Miami.

The breathwork community in Miami and South Florida was our host for the past two weeks, and it was a most productive and fun week for all. Benicio Farina & Lori Reyes, helped by Unity Minister Luzette Rivera-Diaz, organized the events in which many new people and many "old timers" had the opportunity to practice the "rebirthing" conscious connected breathing, and look into their own hearts for their own "answers".

The "super bowl" of events began in Miami, at the Unity On The Bay Church. Luzette, who is an Ordained Unity Minister there, and Benicio, spearheaded the start of a very well attended series of workshops and lectures that brought breathwork to the Unity congregation and Miami community. Luzette, one of Sondra's original LRT graduates, originally from Puerto Rico, has been a practicing rebirther for over twenty years. Benicio, a professional Rebirther and teacher, with a vibrant practice in Miami, teaming up with Lori Reyes, a practicing psychtherapist, teacher, and Rebirther from the Del Rey Beach area, are in the middle of offering a nine month program to their breathwork clients and fellow rebirthers. These three came together in a tremendous effort and harmony to make our 12 days there extremely productive and well as super fun.

Benicio, Sondra & Luzette at their "high apartment" overlooking Downtown Miami.

We were constantly blown away by the hospitality and warm heartedness of all the assistants and participants as well. Dr. Bob Walsh, of Coral Gables, extended the use of his house for our entire stay, while he was off in Africa on a Safari with his brother and sisters!!! Our needs were so well taken care of, we were humbled at the level of service this community has risen to. Babaji was present for many, and certainly for us as well. At the Coral Gables house a potluck dinner party with the assistants and old friends was held in our honor. So much gratitude was shared by all.

Sondra and Lori at the potluck party at Dr. Bob Walsh's house in Coral Gables.

On the first Sunday at the Unity On The Bay, Sondra presented a lecture on Birth and Relationships. It was so well received by over 50 people, many attended the other events during the upcoming week. The material had people on the edge of their chairs, hearing about how their type of birth affected their life and relationships. It was as if light bulbs were going off in the audience. People asked many pertinent questions and could not get enough of Sondra's life long study and expertise on this subject. There was quite a feeling of relief when the guided meditation got people in touch with this basic life relationship -- the pre-verbal decisions made in the womb, at birth, and in the early weeks of life.

Onward and upward, we presented an introduction to the Hawaiian Forgiveness process, Ho'Oponopono, at The Sacred Space of Miami. It was a dynamic evening in a dynamic place. One of the founders of The Sacred Space, Rachel Levy, was inspired to include us in her program, and begin to expand our work into her network of friends. We were very impressed with the quality of her center, and with the austere and beautiful design that made the space very conducive to our presentation. The 12 step Ho'Oponopono process was presented, as taught through the official Foundation of I, to which the participants were referred for further instruction. Rachel and Sondra hit it off, and we look forward to doing more events at her Sacred Space Center.

Sondra & Rachel at The Sacred Space of Miami !

We continued our sojourn in Miami as the "Super Bowl" approached its crescendo. Two more events were presented during the week, and we saw private clients for Liberation Breathing® Sessions at the wonderful space of Dr. Walsh's house. On Wednesday we travelled up to Delray Beach to give an evening on A Course in Miracles. The lesson of the day was Lesson # 34, "I could see peace instead of this." We were very challenged that day to overcome our own internal "chatters", and come to the peace that the lesson was imparting. Many in the audience felt that we were successful in invoking a Presence that helped us all to see the truth of the lesson, and to be aware of the peace that the lesson intends for us.

After a whole week in South Florida, we moved to the Embassy Suites in Deerfield Beach to present The New Frequency For Relationships....a new training that Sondra is offering as an extension of the LRT. Over 40 people filled the room, and the New Frequency energy was present to help people get clear on the ways they sabotage their life and relationships...then with the breathing sessions, they were able to "breath out" these past patterns and transmute the energy with the sacred powers of their own breath. Mark painted Babaji up front while Sondra was teaching, and people received His holy presence through the painting, as it was slowly evolving in front of the room.

"Babaji in Deerfield Beach"

As the "Super Bowl" was being played out for the Saints to win, we were getting clear that our job here on the planet is to rise up to be the best we can be. Mother Teresa said it best, "The only regret you should have in life, is that you did not become a saint." How appropriate this "super bowl" week of Liberation Breathing® would end with the Saints winning over the favored Colts in the arena of conventional competition. It is a metaphor, of course, for each of us to rise to the highest we can be, and exemplify in our lives the message of Sri Babaji -- "Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service to Humanity"; to overcome our "stallion" nature of kicking and screaming, to be in the stillness of our own saintly Self. A huge Thank You to Benicio, Lori, Luzette, Bob, and all of the wonderful assistants, Jane, Elizabeth, Kathy, Carlos & Ronda for their selfless service to the participants. We are in Love with South Florida, and all of the people ready to move into the New Frequency of Relationships that is so much needed in the world right now.

Praying Buddha from Dr. Walsh's House in Coral Gables