Monday, September 21, 2009

"Miracle Consciousness Training"
in Los Angeles
Sondra Ray

The Divine Mother brought in the troops on this one. Benny got his first taste of Liberation Breathing in the Los Angeles training this weekend, bringing the people some comic relief. He held up his end of the teaching load by just being himself, bringing in a presence of joy and natural "what, me worry?" calmness to the whole affair. He only barked once when the hotel staff made too much noise in the hallway.

Mark painted in the background the Divine Mother in the form of "Sophia", and it was purchased by Menaka Peiris, one of the participants, at the end of the workshop. He said the painting had a definite "presence" for him when he took it home and hung it up. Thank You, Menaka, for giving the Divine Mother as Sophia a good home, and allowing the Divine Feminine to do Her work in your life!!!

"The Divine Mother as Sophia in Los Angeles"
Acrlyic on Canvas

The Los Angeles Rebirthing Community came out in full force to support this training, bringing breathwork to the people, and offering a safe space for many to let go of past grievances and be in the holy space of Forgiveness. Our Thanks goes out to Kevin Kidd, Randi Rubin, and Maile Vanderford for organizing this event, and all the assistants who helped make the weekend a meaningful experience for many. Your service was inspiring to us, and we hope to keep the fires of the breath burning in the Los Angeles area for many years to come. We are now feeling that the Los Angeles Rebirthing Community is more strongly connected as a result of your commitment and work. Love to you all, SONDRA & MARK

Maile & Benny, Kevin, Randi, Mark & Sondra

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Philadelphia Rebirthing Center
with Tony Lomastro & Maureen Malone

The Philadelphia & New York Rebirthing Center is the longest running center that we know of offering continuous rebirthing sessions and classes on rebirthing since the early 1980's. Tony LoMastro and Maureen Malone recently hosted us for a five day rebirther's training at their Philadelphia Center.

Tony & Maureen, both senior LRT (Loving Relationship Training) Trainers, as well as long time rebirthers and rebirther trainers, provide an abundant center in Philadelphia that supports residential rebirthing programs and excellent community stability to those on the East Coast involved in the breathwork process. They offer a wide range of seminars on other spiritual and healing modalities as well, and have achieved a model for others to witness and gain inspiration for their own enlightenment.

We go to Philadelphia twice a year, and are grateful for Tony and Maureen keeping such a strong base for rebirthing to thrive in service to the people of Philadelphia and beyond. Their large, three story house, provides an atmosphere of healing and a "home" setting. It is full of spiritual art, and Mark was inspired to paint the Mother and Child Nursing while we were there.

Our Gratitude goes out to Tony & Maureen for all the work they have put into this beautiful flowering of the Philadelphia & New York Rebirthing Center in service to the community. May you continue to thrive and prosper !!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

"INDIA QUEST" in 2010 !!!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sondra and Allison cold water breathing in the French Broad Creek, NC

Liberation Training™ in Hot Springs, NC.......... a moving and sacred event !

We just completed the 5 1/2 day Liberation Training TM in Hot Springs, North Carolina, an advanced wet rebirthing seminar, and would like to express our gratitude for Tama Dickerson and his wife Allison Smith for organizing the event with impeccable finesse. The training was one of the best we have done according to the testimony of the participants.

Arthur Cushman, M.D., a retired nuero surgeon, had this to say about the event:

"I received more personal healing than in any previous seminar. The underwater rebirthing was very powerful. I was able to relive and heal my birth by c-section in the womb, the actual birth and post natal events. I was able to identify and heal familial karma from my grand parents and great grandparents......

After watching our films of gentle underwater births being pioneered in Russia, Arthur had this to say from seeing the video on "normal births" in American hospitals:

"I am a Medical Doctor certified by the American Board of Nuerological Surgery. Ob Gyn was my worst subject in medical school. I delivered more babies than anyone else in my class (18), assisted on many C sections, and did many circumcisions. I was appalled by the sterility and insensitivity of the birthing process..... somthing was wrong--very wrong, with what should be a blessed sacred event......

"Sondra---a great teacher, taught us how the birthing process can be a beautiful sacred event. What a difference this would make in our world if babies were born like that! I am currently working on an Integrative medical center which will include natural child birthing --wet and dry. Again, Sondra and Mark are powerful teachers and healers. We witnessed several miracles during the course! Arthur Cushman, M.D.

And from Houston, Texas, another participant wrote to us:

"I am very grateful for the Liberation Training. It has helped me to identify my most important personal lies and fears. In just 6 days I can learn and exercise techniques that help me overcome these lies and fears into life-long affirmations. I felt very safe to be at the Liberation Training retreat. What a great group of fellow participants to partner up with to process my fears, angers, hurts and resentments.

"What a great location to have the retreat - the beautiful setting of small town HotSprings, the charming 19th century Victorian home with its English garden, set in the middle of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountain with its stream running by as we breathed in the natural hot spring water. The dipping and breathing in the icy river up on the mountain was icing on the cake - what fun!

"I appreciate the chance to learn from you, to receive gifts of wisdom you had received from the Divine Mother, Babaji, and all the great masters. I thank you for your loving way of teaching that conveyed patience, kindness, and tolerance for difficult situations. I love watching you two demonstrate your undivided, deep, and soulful love to one another and show us how a couple can work so well together. I am so inspired by you. Dolly Brenneman - Houston, Texas

A warm thank you goes out to all of you for taking this training to further our process of spiritual awakening. We are also grateful for the diligent help of our assistant, Simon McCain of Nashville, for his selfless service to us, to Tama and his wife, and to the other participants.

Also, we are pleased to announce we have been entrusted with a new enhancement of the breathwork process from the Divine Mother.
Today we sent out to all of our organizers around the world this good news:

News on New Name !!

"This is the News: The Divine Mother has given us a new enhancement of Rebirthing. We have been guided to call it Liberation Breathing TM which we have trademarked. We have been entrusted with this new process to keep it pure; and we have been inspired to write a new
book about it. The book is called Breathe With Me Subtitle: The Divine Mother's Liberation Breathing TM. More later."

So we are delighted to launch this new ACTION under the care and guidance of the Divine Mother. We hope to see you all soon on our travels around the world to spread the sacredness and joy of our new work of Liberation Breathing TM!!!! We give thanks to the great Life Force, the Divine Mother, for all she has given us, and to Babaji, who upon taking conscious departure from a body uttered these last words, "I leave everything in the hands of the Divine Mother."

The benefits of
Sondra Ray !

LIBERATION BREATHING TM can change our life. Mark and I are entrusted with this new practice, and have been guided to trademark the name, which we did. LIBERATION BREATHING TM can take you to a new dimension. It can empower you to be you real self and enhance your potential. It can free you from the past. It can heal your emotional hurts and heal your body. It can blow your mind in the best way. It will definitely make you more spiritual, which is the most important thing right now.

(I am sure most of you know by now that Rebirthing itself is a safe and gentle breathing process that releases accumulated negativity back to and even including birth. It is connecting the inhale with the exhale in a relaxed, intuitive rhythm until the inner breath, which is the Spirit , is merged with the air, the outer breath. The good effects on life are immediate! Through this process , unwanted behavior patterns are revealed and released; and the heart opens so you can receive more love, peace and abundance.)

We have now taken Rebirthing to a new level which is more enhanced. Libeartion Breathing TM now includes the knowledge of Ho'Oponopono, A Course in Miracles, Babaji and the Divine Mother. Liberation Breathing TM will change your life....

Liberation Breathing TM is all about getting to the Fifth Dimension, where the planet is headed. It is about miracle consciousness that leaves behind the need to "manage" and "figure things out". We have to be coming from the state of no thought, no judgement, complete forgiveness. The Liberation Breathing TM facilitator has training in Rebirthing, Ho' Oponopono, A Course in Miracles, surrender to Babaji and especially surrender to the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother, or the feminine aspect of God, is the KEY to balancing out the patriarchy. The Divine Mother Herself gave me a new Advanced Wet Rebirthing training called the Liberation Training TM. It is the most powerful thing we could offer next to going to the Divine Mother Festival itself, in India. I feel that rebirthers who really want to do Liberation Breathing TM should attend the Divine Mother Festival in India with us to enhance the whole process they are offering. In Liberation Breathing TM we work with all the former energies, and I have been told it is nine times more powerful. Rebirthing itself is always great and always produces results; but when we add the Divine Mother processes, the client is taken to new realms .

The Liberation Breathing TM facilitator also is very very skilled in processing the mind of the client and unravelling the clients "wiring". It is all about UNDOING. We are willing to train rebirthers who want to rise to this new level. We need new paradigms now in everything, including in rebirthing. More spiritual energy flows by adding these prayers and mantras. Healing is quicker and deeper in my experience. Recently the rebirthers we took to the Spring Navaratri (Divine Mother Festival) in India themselves said that they felt every rebirther would benefit greatly by attending that. Furthermore , in India, the sages say there is nothing higher than worship of the Divine Mother, and they say that ONLY the Divine Mother gives the "boon" (blessing) of Physical Immortality. Liberation Breathing TM is a path to Ascension. I feel it is the supreme goal and can be achieved as Jesus Himself said.