Friday, December 18, 2009

Liberation Breathing® on Maui !!

Land, Sea & Sky : the
Healing Elements of Maui

The Healing Elements of Maui are definitely infused into the natural presence of land, sea and sky that compose this very cosmopolitan island in the Hawaiian chain. People come here to rejuvenate, and the local population is very aware of the importance of spiritual development in their every day lives. The pure beauty of the atmosphere and elements permeates the Maui experience. Everywhere one turns there is some sort of tropical vignette that captures the imagination and takes a person to another place in their minds.....a place of space and light, expansion and well being.

We were here on the island of Maui for a week giving workshops and private sessions to the rebirthing community. At the Temple of Peace near Haiku, owned and operated by Shelley and Kedar St. John, many gathered to participate in a day of Liberation Breathing® and devotions to the Divine Mother. It was the highlight of our time on Maui, as we were surrounded by the sacredness of the place.

Katherine Lilledahl organized the events that we brought to the people on Maui, and our hearts go out to her for her selfless service to her community. A local business woman, Katherine manages to maintain a cleaning service business as well as a rebirthing practice that supports breathwork on the island. She is committed to her spiritual growth, and to being herself in a setting that brings out the best in those around her. We are grateful for her dedication to the breath, and to maintaining a high standard of integrity in her rebirthing practice.

The day at the Temple of Peace was filled with joy as people were able to let go of the negative thinking that was sabotaging their complete happiness. We were happy that Shelley St. John, the owner of the Temple of Peace, was able to attend the workshop and the breath session. The beauty of the meeting room was enhanced by a very sacred sanctuary honoring many of the world's religious lineages. It was a high vibration in the room, and we all felt supported by the good work Shelley and her husband, Kedar, have put into this place in the last few years.

Mark painted the Divine Mother for this one. Something of the tropical green came through as he worked on the classic Ammachi portrait that is so serene. Thank You goes to Nancy Dobrowlowski for purchasing the painting at the end of the Divine Mother offerings. We are grateful for all the people who attended our workshops on Maui. Also thanks to Kevin Kidd for coming over to assist. He was a great support in helping to put out the India Quest to those attending.

The Pacific Tour, coming to a close in Maui, has been a wonderful opportunity for us to do our work, to spread the good news of Liberation Breathing®, and to get closer to our wonderful organizers whose dedication to the service of breathwork makes the seminars possible. Bole Baba Ki Jai. Love, SONDRA & MARK

Friday, December 11, 2009

Liberation Breathing® School

The Big Island Experience:
Hawaii of Forgiveness and Gratitude

Tammy Rouleau, invoking joy as our organizer for the events.

As the point person for the Liberation Breathing® School on the Big Island of Hawaii in December 0f 2009, our organizer for the events, Tammy Rouleau, lives and breathes the Hawaiian experience. Having lived on the Big Island for more than a decade, Tammy has taken the time to seriously delve into Hawaiian lore and spiritual practices, as well as continue her path as a breathworker near the small hamlet of Captain Cook, where she lives on the slope of a beautiful lava field. As well as conducting her duties as an organizer of the School, she masterminded two very high ceremonies at the two most spiritually charged places on the Island.

At the Place Of Refuge, Pu'uhonau o Honaunau, which was a temple complex and royal residence, the group gathered at sunset on the second day to participate in a ceremony of release and forgiveness. This was in the spirit of this holy place, which provided the ancient Hawaiians with the option of Atonement. Whatever the infraction in the community, the transgressor could come here for repentance and forgiveness. The people could stay here to cleanse themselves, and take responsibility for their mistakes in order to be absolved from them. We gathered here in the early evening and Tammy performed an appropriate Hawaiian chant that invokes forgiveness, and we all sang this chant to the setting sun, before walking through the portal to this ancient Place of Refuge. All of us felt the strong vibration of the place, and quietly took in the power of forgiveness that was present. We meditated by the water and threw our "problems" into the sea.

During the five and one-half day school, we immersed ourselves in the Liberation Breathing® process, and got down to the issues that are blocking us from accepting our true identity in a state of peace and joy. From 10AM to 6PM the school provided one on one opportunities for the students to learn the form of Libeation Breathing® Sessions, and to give and receive, both as rebirther and rebirthee. Jules Shakira from Australia and Sondra pair up in this session to breath out old thoughts and be in the happiness of the moment.

The Divine Mother energy, integral to Liberation Breathing®, was very present on a daily basis, as we all did the Divine Mother Puja together before the start of each day. Collecting the various flowers for the puja from the local trees and shrubs was an added asset of being in such a plush environment. The daily offering set the tone of gratitude for the day, and the students loved being in the energy of the Divine Mother, who was well represented in her various forms of Amachi, Sophia, Durga, Kali, Quan Yin, and of course Pele, the resident goddess of the volcano, who was the subject for Mark's Painting.

"Madame Kali/Pele of Hawaii"

The ceremonial highlight of our trip was conducted at Kilauea Crater on the south shore. We were super blessed by the teacher, Kumu Leilehua Yuen, one of Tammy's close friends, who is an expert on hula and the proper protocol of offerings made to the goddess Pele at her home in the crater. Leilehua gave us the blessing of this offering, as she taught us the sacred lore of the plants. She formed the most remarkable offering made up of the indigenous plants, all having special meaning in the production. She spoke of the myths of Pele coming to Kilauea, who created her pit by digging it with her o'o (digging stick) named Pa'oa, and the significance of making our promise to care for her creation.

When we arrived at the edge of the crater, Leilehua had the group mesmerized with her wonderful hula dance to the goddess Pele, and we all made offerings that were given in reverence to this form of the Divine Mother's daughter in Hawaii. All were grateful to receive this blessing. Even others, not in our group, were drawn to the occasion and graciously included in the ceremony. Hawaii is a place of spiritual wonder. As breathworkers we hold this place very special. Into the great expanse of the crater, we made our offerings and spent time in silent contemplation. One of the most sacred spots on the planet, Kilauea Crater, received our gifts and accepted our moments of gratitude. Praise to the Divine Mother, Her daughter Pele, Hawaii, and the wonderful people who made the sacredness and success of this Liberation Breathing® School possible.

Jai Maha Maya Ki Jai!! Praise to the Divine Mother. Love, SONDRA & MARK

Leilehua and Sondra with the offering to Pele Honua Mea

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Loving Relationships Training
brought to Singapore!!

Sondra Ray meets Wendy Kwek. Two dynamic women meet in the world of metaphysics and business, melding the two in a dance of the heart that brought the Loving Relationships Training to the Singapore community. Wendy Kwek's entrepreneurial coaching and seminar school was the setting for the training to be presented to some of the most receptive and open people we have had attending our trainings during this Pacific Tour. Wendy, recently
featured In Smart Investor magazine in an article titled "Shaping Destinies", formed a company called "Executive Directions" which trains and coaches executives to take a more spiritual approach to their "bottom lines", and tap into the more human potentials of their organizations. Wendy also teaches people to expand their consciousness around money, and to move out of the limitations of being an "employee", to taking the step toward Self Reliance in owning their own business. People are what make things work, and happy people get more things done than unhappy people.

So Wendy brought Sondra Ray to the setting of her business school to introduce her students to the Loving Relationships Training. The training was well attended, and the students walked away with deeper insights into their relationships, to the blocks that keep them stuck in conflict, and to the simple forgiveness techniques that release them from distress. All in all people have the same issues around the world: letting go of grievances from the past toward parents, siblings, and fellow business associates, that keep them stuck in the negative patterns of complaint and unhappiness......and scarcity.

Wendy, Sondra & Mark, and Wendy's staff at her Executive Directions Business.

Abundance is the reality in Wendy's world. She is a master at lifting people out of their limitations, into the thinking that will produce better and more positive results, financial and otherwise. Her willingness to bring spiritual and metaphysical principles into her setting, and introduce breathwork to her clientele, showed great courage to bridge the gap between the spiritual and financial worlds. It was a great success. People were happy to go deeper into their relationships and discover the thoughts that were keeping them stuck....then to "breath them out" through Liberation Breathing®. THANK YOU WENDY for bringing us to Singapore, and to all of your staff that made our stay there one of productive appreciation. And many thanks to the sweet people of your city who welcomed us with open minds and open hearts to receive the teachings that will affect their lives......and LOVING RELATIONSHIPS!! And MORE THANKS to JOHN STAMOULOS for bringing breathwork to Singapore, and to his diligent commitment to the people there, and to introducing us to this most powerful woman, WENDY KWEK!!!!

We look forward to our speedy return.

"Quan Yin in Singapore"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Week In Perth, Australia

"New Frequency in Relationships"
given in Perth

Michelle Locke & Steve Richter, Center Managers for Perth, Australia

A week in Perth, Australia, gave us many opportunities to express our gratitude to Michelle and Steve, our incredibly talented center managers who are well on their way to establishing a Liberation Breathing community in this far western city on the coast. Michelle, a classical ballerina in her earlier years, went on to create her own dance method, "Wu Tao", that is actually a healing modality based on very ancient body meridians and movements that stimulate rebalancing of our spirit-mind-body system. She has taught this form of dance all over Australia, and has licensed practitioners who teach her method to many across the country. is her website that inspires many to practice this healing art. Steve, a classically trained musician in percussion thumped and drummed his way into our hearts, and forms the other "element" in this duo that expresses a holy relationship of "twin flames". Steve's work is showcased on , where his music group, Tal Naan, makes their work available for download and bookings. Steve and Michelle met when she hired him for composing original music for her Wu Tao Dance choreographies. Of course it was an electric meeting, and they have been together in a harmonious relationship ever since.

Steve and Michelle are perfect examples of a New Frequency in Relationships, dedicated to their own spiritual growth, committed to their creative work together that fulfills their highest aspirations, and certain of their role in "service to humanity" that lifts up those around them. We were well served by them in producing the workshops in Perth for this week, and introducing to many the very powerful healing capabilities of the Breath !!!! The workshop, held in the quaint seaside community of Fremantle on the Notre Dame College campus, was well attended thanks to their diligent advance work. It brought together the few Perth breathworkers still in the flow, fulfilling their need of community support. It also brought many new initiates to this powerful process of personal cleansing. We are grateful for the community here in Perth for bringing us here......and inviting us back next year. Mostly our gratitude goes to Steve and Michelle, who gave us a real treat in a performance of their Wu Tao Dance at the end of the training.

Of course, the Divine Mother and Babaji had much to do with our coming as well, and in the spirit of the India Quest, Steve and Michelle will accompany us and any others from their community on the India Quest in March of 2010. They will fill out the assistants team, headed by Kevin Kidd,( ) helping us to bring the India experience to those ready in our communities around the world to make this momentous step in their spiritual process.

MANY THANKS to Michelle and Steve for their first attempt at organizing for us, and for their dedication to enlightenment of themselves and others. Our hats off to those in Perth who made our stay memorable and easy, in the service of the Divine Breath of Liberation that rejuvenates and pushes us forward to realize our highest Self.

Bole Baba Ki Jai !!! Love, SONDRA & MARK

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Painting Surrounded by Miracles!!

"Babaji in Perth"

The painting of "Babaji in Perth" was done at last weekend's Perth Training on the New Frequency in Relationships, and it was surrounded by miracles. As usual, the paintings of Babaji "know" where and to whom they want to go, and Mark paints them in the workshops so everyone present can see them evolve before their very eyes. This painting was the first he had done of Babaji with a turban, but the second with a primarily purple background.

To our surprise there were many Babaji devotees in the audience. Four ladies had gone on the India Quest many years before....and one of them came forward to purchase the painting at the end of the training. Then the miracles began to happen..........

Diane Jeffries, a single mother of two boys, was drawn to the painting even before it was finished. But knowing the financial demands of her single motherhood, Mark accepted an "on time" agreement for the payment. The next day, when Diane came for a private consultation with Sondra, she had this remarkable story:

First, her boys, Max and Spider, were in an unusual state of joy when she picked them up after the training. The weeks prior had been stressful.....but somehow there was a different mood that allowed Diane to ask her older son, Max, if he would like to have a "conflict free" relationship. He said, "Yes, Mum, that would be great...and if we have a disagreement, we can just say 'lemons!', and go jump on the trampoline until we get off of it!".

The boys loved the painting from the very start. Before Diane came to the consultation, she heard an intimation to check a little "tin box" where she remembered putting some spare cash....around $ she could make her first installment on the painting. She went to the "tin", and to her amazement there was well over $800, the amount she agreed to pay, just waiting for her. She had no idea where it had come from!! So when she arrived with the full payment, we were amazed that Babaji had provided this miracle of new abundance.

The miracles continued the next day. Diane wrote this account about her son Max:

"That painting is SO POWERFUL! My children have stopped asking me things - they go straight to Babaji for the highest thought. I told Max he couldn't wear a certain t-shirt to school today, so he said, "OK, I'll ask Babaji what He thinks." I said good idea. Max said - "Well mum Babaji laughed and said it was fine to wear the t-shirt, and then he said to me, 'But you must listen to your mother and follow what she says.' " He was fine with that. I have had FOUR new clients ring out of the blue today from all sorts of places asking for sessions. The list of miracles goes on."

Who knows the power of the darshan that these paintings can provide. We are so grateful that Babaji is coming through in this way......through the paintings of Him that Mark has such a good time painting in the trainings. Bole Baba Ki Jai !!!!

Thank You to Diane Jeffries, and to her sons Max and Spider for keeping us alert to HIs presence in our lives.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Week in Adelaide, Australia

A Big Greek Feast of Celebration !!

Julia, John, Sondra, Angelo, Rosie, Peter, & Friend at the big Greek Feast!!

We spent the week in Adelaide, Australia, on the southern coast, in the very hospitable care of John Stamoulos, Angelo Tsakalos, and Gayle Laver. They have built their center around feeding the people in the Greek dinners every week. Even in the weekend training food was prepared from their home and brought to the workshops to feed the participants. This evening Angelo deepfried the calamari, John brought his mother in with Greek delicacies, and Gayle not only made a most fabulous cheesecake for the last evening's dinner, but loaned us her new Audi convertible for all of our shuttles to and from events. This trio of committed breathworkers puts Adelaide high on the rebirthing map, serving a large community in this sunny town on the Australian Southern Coast.

John and his support team give rebirthing trainings all over the Southern Pacific area, and in Greece as well. He has been instrumental in extending breathwork to Singapore, where we are going in one week to work with his community of breathers there. Angelo Tsakalos provides the organizational and technical skills to keep the workshops running smoothly. Gayle works quietly on the home front to help extend breathwork to the local and international communities John has worked hard to build over the past dozen years. Sondra came to Adelaide in 1996, and is glad to return to find the rebirthing community thriving here from those initial seeds planted over a decade ago.

John & Sondra in a moment of joyful appreciation
Angelo & Rosie at the Greek Feast
We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for all of the work that went into bringing us here to Adelaide on our Pacific tour. All the assistants were very competent and willing to serve. Thanks to Maria Jones and her husband Matthew, Julia Karpathakis, Andrew Lainas, Niki Takos, Maggie Ball, and Gian Franco for assisting in the trainings and group breath sessions. We hope to return to Adelaide next year and partake of the hospitality the Greek style!!! Bole Baba Ki Jai !!! Love, SONDRA & MARK

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Babaji in Adelaide with Yellow Roses"

by Mark Sullivan

"Babaji in Adelaide with Yellow Roses" was the first painting I did with a very "short palette", only using white, yellow and raw umber. More emphasis on the drawing aspects of the painting was a result of limiting the colors to just three. While Sondra taught on relationships in the front, I painted in the background, this time, and the energy in the room was high enough for Babaji to come through in this new work, wearing a turtleneck sweater!! Imagine that.

I would like to thank Angelo and Julia for providing the art materials, and also Karen Scott for purchasing the work at the end of the weekend for a generous amount. I am always surprised that Babaji has a person in mind already for his "darshan", and I do not need to worry where the painting will go after it is done. He always has a clear direction for the work that becomes evident to me while I am painting, and the person who is to have it comes forward.

Sondra was particularly fond of this one. She said it was the first time she had seen Babaji with Yellow Roses!! I was happy as well, to watch the work unfold. John Stamoulos was very taken by the color, and said it reminded him of the "Australian color of wheat" that is so prevalent in the local landscape. Babaji has a way of coming through the work in the energy of the local city and country. The "aboriginal" nature of this Baabji in Adelaide is strongly suggested. He has intensity with the softness of acceptance.

I am always amazed that each portrait is so different from the one before....and each takes on the vibration of the local community. I am so happy to be in service as Babaji's "court painter", on the road in places around the world, helping to make Babaji's presence universally known. I am grateful to all of the organizers of the workshops, and all the assistants, for helping me do this work that I find so satisfying. In particular, thank you to all who helped make the Adelaide workshops a success, and allow the space for "Babaji in Adelaide with Yellow Roses" to come through.

Bole Baba Ki Jai !!!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Sydney we met the most amazing lady!!!

Sondra and Jonine in Sydney

In Sydney, Australia, we hooked up with one of the most powerful women in the worldwide breathwork community we have met as yet. Jonine Lee not only has an active full time breathwork practice in Sydney, but is the president of the Australian Breathwork Association that is giving breathwork in Australia an accredited position in the healing arts. Jonine has been practicing and training others in breathwork for over 20 years, and graciously accepted the job of organizing events for us in Sydney on our Pacific Tour, which she carried off with great aplomb and grace. We are so happy to have made a new friend who is so committed to this wonderful work of liberating people from their negative and toxic thoughts through the power of the breath. We stayed with Jonine and her twin flame, Victor, over the span of a week, and had many opportunities to spread the good news of breathwork to the people of Sydney. The workshops were well attended, which speaks of the fruit Jonine has nurtured and cultivated over the years in her building of the local and national breathwork community.

Also, we would like to thank Fiona Bury, the young Irish lady living in Sydney, whose mother Angela Bury, who we met in Dublin, Ireland, gave to us as a contact. Fiona was responsible for hooking us up with Jonine, and also drove many hours to be with us as an assistant at our workshops. Her bright face and upbeat attitudes about breathwork are doing much to uplift the people of Sydney, and extend the service of this work to many others. We were happy to go out together to the famous Sydney Opera House on Monday night with Jonine and Fiona, joined by Tom Pellegrino from the USA, who had flown all the way from Atlanta to attend the workshops.

Of course, Mark painted during the trainings and came up with this rendition of "Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom in Sydney", which one of the participants purchased to hang in her rebirthing room. It was a powerful presence to have the painting being made right in the front of the room over three days. People were amazed at how calming an effect the painting had on the overall atmosphere while the teaching was taking place. It was like having a silent teaching unfolding visually before their eyes. The different stages of color being applied showed the creative process in action, which many said inspired them to "dig into" their own creative projects they had been putting off until some future date. Having the painting going on stirred in them the gumption to get going!!!

So, now we are in Adelaide for a week, but we feel we "left our hearts in Sydney", with our wonderful new friends, until we meet again next year to be with the dynamic Australian Breathwork Community. Accolades go to Jonine Lee, for keeping the fires burning, and keeping her dedication on the high road of Liberation for herself and the people of this wonderful cosmopolitan city of culture and well deserved recognition.

THANK YOU to the people of Sydney, those who attended our workshops and sessions, and to Jonine, Victor, and Fiona for making our stay a little piece of Heaven.
Bole Baba Ki Jai!! Love, SONDRA & MARK

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Healing Center of New Zealand

The HEALING CENTRE of New Zealand

Patricia and Sondra in front of the Healing Centre

The Healing Center in Auckland, New Zealand, was our "home" for the past week, during the first stop on our Down Under tour. The Healing Center, spearheaded by Patricia Wylie and Suzanne Boon, is dedicated to the spiritual uplifting of the Auckland community through Shri Babaji's teachings of "truth, simplicity, love and service to humanity". With a little help from kindred souls, Bruce Chapman & Sheree, this beautiful place, situated amongst a grove of giant pines, has become an effective haven for inner transformation to those interested in deeper levels of healing and sacred practice.

WE WERE THERE TO OFFER a series of workshops on Liberation Breathing, A Course in Miracles, and the teachings of Shri Babaji & the Divine Mother. The week zoomed by, and nearly thirty people came to experience breathwork, many for the first time. The Center was well equipped to handle the courses, and hospitality was extended to the participants during the day.....offering an atmosphere of fellowship and togetherness. During the group breathing sessions many came to see their deep seeded issues and to release their past grievances. Liberation Breathing formed the nucleus of the weekend, and we were glad to extend this wonderful process of clearing to the people of Auckland.

Mark painted "Babaji in New Zealand" with some of the swirls and spirals common to the New
Zealand Maori people's art and design. The proceeds from the sale of the work were donated to the Center. It was the spirit of service that kept the weekend so high. Everyone felt the togetherness, and one had this to say:

"Just wanted to say thank you for a really amazing weekend at the Shri Babaji Centre in Auckland.
I can't believe how much I learned, and I feel better on every level - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I Want to share the feeling with as many people as I can!! Best wishes for a great tour though Australia and Hawaii." J.H. from Auckland

So much Love was shared, we were blessed to be part of this action of Service. Our hats are off to those in Auckland who made this weekend possible, and whose dedicated service has manifested the Healing Center to be a source of light and healing to many on the path toward deeper spiritual awakening and growth. Bole Baba Ki Jai !!!! THANK YOU from Sondra & Mark

Monday, October 19, 2009

The HEALING CENTER of Dr. Ruben Correa
in Medellin, Colombia

We have spent the last three weeks in Medellin, Colombia, with Dr. Ruben Correa, who has a healing center that is one of the most vibrant and alive places we have seen in all of our travels. Dr. Correa has integrated fully the scientific approach of conventional Western Medicine, with the Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and other alternative healing modalities, including Rebirthing. Not only has he integrated these often divergent approaches to healing, but he has also emphacized the need for a strong spiritual commitment for all of his of deep meditation, yoga, and immersion into the philosophy of metaphysical causes for health and wellness. We have been so impressed by his practice, that we are happy to include Colombia on our regular schedule of centers and yearly events.

The Healing Center, situated in the heart of the city of Medellin, is an oasis of peace and tranquility in an otherwise very busy city. People come here not only to receive the Doctor's healing expertise, but also to attend regular group rebirthings, meditations, and spiritual workshops. The vibration is very high in this environment, and Dr. Correa has even cured many of his patients of late stage cancers with his wholistic approach.

We have given a number of workshops here in Colombia, and Dr. Correa has turned out to be an exemplary organizer and host. A natural leader in his own right, he produced very successful events, and helped us share the good news of Rebirthing to the people here in Medillin. His hospitality, as well as the incredible warmth of the Colombian people here, made our work joyful and easy.
Many thanks to others is in order as well. Mary Luz and her Mother, Layla, took care of us in their home for over a week. Giovanna drove us all over Medillin and to our workshops. Regina and Rosa Isabel attended to our needs while staying in Dr. Correa's Healing Center. We cannot say enough about the love and care we received.

Mark was inspired to paint Babaji for the people here in Medellin. It was the first in which the explosive power of Babaji's light came through. Now this painting is in the main hall of the Healing Center, blessing and giving darshan to the people.

We will never forget this experience. Dr. Ruben Correa's work and Center is an inspiration for all of the worldwide rebirthing community to learn from, as well as to model other centers in the same wholistic approach. We are grateful to have come to Colombia to witness this exception of total integration that Dr. Correa represents.

His e-mail is His Phone number in Colombia is 574-413-8094

Bole Baba Ki Jai !!! LOVE, SONDRA & MARK

Friday, October 16, 2009


Monday, September 21, 2009

"Miracle Consciousness Training"
in Los Angeles
Sondra Ray

The Divine Mother brought in the troops on this one. Benny got his first taste of Liberation Breathing in the Los Angeles training this weekend, bringing the people some comic relief. He held up his end of the teaching load by just being himself, bringing in a presence of joy and natural "what, me worry?" calmness to the whole affair. He only barked once when the hotel staff made too much noise in the hallway.

Mark painted in the background the Divine Mother in the form of "Sophia", and it was purchased by Menaka Peiris, one of the participants, at the end of the workshop. He said the painting had a definite "presence" for him when he took it home and hung it up. Thank You, Menaka, for giving the Divine Mother as Sophia a good home, and allowing the Divine Feminine to do Her work in your life!!!

"The Divine Mother as Sophia in Los Angeles"
Acrlyic on Canvas

The Los Angeles Rebirthing Community came out in full force to support this training, bringing breathwork to the people, and offering a safe space for many to let go of past grievances and be in the holy space of Forgiveness. Our Thanks goes out to Kevin Kidd, Randi Rubin, and Maile Vanderford for organizing this event, and all the assistants who helped make the weekend a meaningful experience for many. Your service was inspiring to us, and we hope to keep the fires of the breath burning in the Los Angeles area for many years to come. We are now feeling that the Los Angeles Rebirthing Community is more strongly connected as a result of your commitment and work. Love to you all, SONDRA & MARK

Maile & Benny, Kevin, Randi, Mark & Sondra