Friday, December 18, 2009

Liberation Breathing® on Maui !!

Land, Sea & Sky : the
Healing Elements of Maui

The Healing Elements of Maui are definitely infused into the natural presence of land, sea and sky that compose this very cosmopolitan island in the Hawaiian chain. People come here to rejuvenate, and the local population is very aware of the importance of spiritual development in their every day lives. The pure beauty of the atmosphere and elements permeates the Maui experience. Everywhere one turns there is some sort of tropical vignette that captures the imagination and takes a person to another place in their minds.....a place of space and light, expansion and well being.

We were here on the island of Maui for a week giving workshops and private sessions to the rebirthing community. At the Temple of Peace near Haiku, owned and operated by Shelley and Kedar St. John, many gathered to participate in a day of Liberation Breathing® and devotions to the Divine Mother. It was the highlight of our time on Maui, as we were surrounded by the sacredness of the place.

Katherine Lilledahl organized the events that we brought to the people on Maui, and our hearts go out to her for her selfless service to her community. A local business woman, Katherine manages to maintain a cleaning service business as well as a rebirthing practice that supports breathwork on the island. She is committed to her spiritual growth, and to being herself in a setting that brings out the best in those around her. We are grateful for her dedication to the breath, and to maintaining a high standard of integrity in her rebirthing practice.

The day at the Temple of Peace was filled with joy as people were able to let go of the negative thinking that was sabotaging their complete happiness. We were happy that Shelley St. John, the owner of the Temple of Peace, was able to attend the workshop and the breath session. The beauty of the meeting room was enhanced by a very sacred sanctuary honoring many of the world's religious lineages. It was a high vibration in the room, and we all felt supported by the good work Shelley and her husband, Kedar, have put into this place in the last few years.

Mark painted the Divine Mother for this one. Something of the tropical green came through as he worked on the classic Ammachi portrait that is so serene. Thank You goes to Nancy Dobrowlowski for purchasing the painting at the end of the Divine Mother offerings. We are grateful for all the people who attended our workshops on Maui. Also thanks to Kevin Kidd for coming over to assist. He was a great support in helping to put out the India Quest to those attending.

The Pacific Tour, coming to a close in Maui, has been a wonderful opportunity for us to do our work, to spread the good news of Liberation Breathing®, and to get closer to our wonderful organizers whose dedication to the service of breathwork makes the seminars possible. Bole Baba Ki Jai. Love, SONDRA & MARK

Friday, December 11, 2009

Liberation Breathing® School

The Big Island Experience:
Hawaii of Forgiveness and Gratitude

Tammy Rouleau, invoking joy as our organizer for the events.

As the point person for the Liberation Breathing® School on the Big Island of Hawaii in December 0f 2009, our organizer for the events, Tammy Rouleau, lives and breathes the Hawaiian experience. Having lived on the Big Island for more than a decade, Tammy has taken the time to seriously delve into Hawaiian lore and spiritual practices, as well as continue her path as a breathworker near the small hamlet of Captain Cook, where she lives on the slope of a beautiful lava field. As well as conducting her duties as an organizer of the School, she masterminded two very high ceremonies at the two most spiritually charged places on the Island.

At the Place Of Refuge, Pu'uhonau o Honaunau, which was a temple complex and royal residence, the group gathered at sunset on the second day to participate in a ceremony of release and forgiveness. This was in the spirit of this holy place, which provided the ancient Hawaiians with the option of Atonement. Whatever the infraction in the community, the transgressor could come here for repentance and forgiveness. The people could stay here to cleanse themselves, and take responsibility for their mistakes in order to be absolved from them. We gathered here in the early evening and Tammy performed an appropriate Hawaiian chant that invokes forgiveness, and we all sang this chant to the setting sun, before walking through the portal to this ancient Place of Refuge. All of us felt the strong vibration of the place, and quietly took in the power of forgiveness that was present. We meditated by the water and threw our "problems" into the sea.

During the five and one-half day school, we immersed ourselves in the Liberation Breathing® process, and got down to the issues that are blocking us from accepting our true identity in a state of peace and joy. From 10AM to 6PM the school provided one on one opportunities for the students to learn the form of Libeation Breathing® Sessions, and to give and receive, both as rebirther and rebirthee. Jules Shakira from Australia and Sondra pair up in this session to breath out old thoughts and be in the happiness of the moment.

The Divine Mother energy, integral to Liberation Breathing®, was very present on a daily basis, as we all did the Divine Mother Puja together before the start of each day. Collecting the various flowers for the puja from the local trees and shrubs was an added asset of being in such a plush environment. The daily offering set the tone of gratitude for the day, and the students loved being in the energy of the Divine Mother, who was well represented in her various forms of Amachi, Sophia, Durga, Kali, Quan Yin, and of course Pele, the resident goddess of the volcano, who was the subject for Mark's Painting.

"Madame Kali/Pele of Hawaii"

The ceremonial highlight of our trip was conducted at Kilauea Crater on the south shore. We were super blessed by the teacher, Kumu Leilehua Yuen, one of Tammy's close friends, who is an expert on hula and the proper protocol of offerings made to the goddess Pele at her home in the crater. Leilehua gave us the blessing of this offering, as she taught us the sacred lore of the plants. She formed the most remarkable offering made up of the indigenous plants, all having special meaning in the production. She spoke of the myths of Pele coming to Kilauea, who created her pit by digging it with her o'o (digging stick) named Pa'oa, and the significance of making our promise to care for her creation.

When we arrived at the edge of the crater, Leilehua had the group mesmerized with her wonderful hula dance to the goddess Pele, and we all made offerings that were given in reverence to this form of the Divine Mother's daughter in Hawaii. All were grateful to receive this blessing. Even others, not in our group, were drawn to the occasion and graciously included in the ceremony. Hawaii is a place of spiritual wonder. As breathworkers we hold this place very special. Into the great expanse of the crater, we made our offerings and spent time in silent contemplation. One of the most sacred spots on the planet, Kilauea Crater, received our gifts and accepted our moments of gratitude. Praise to the Divine Mother, Her daughter Pele, Hawaii, and the wonderful people who made the sacredness and success of this Liberation Breathing® School possible.

Jai Maha Maya Ki Jai!! Praise to the Divine Mother. Love, SONDRA & MARK

Leilehua and Sondra with the offering to Pele Honua Mea

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Loving Relationships Training
brought to Singapore!!

Sondra Ray meets Wendy Kwek. Two dynamic women meet in the world of metaphysics and business, melding the two in a dance of the heart that brought the Loving Relationships Training to the Singapore community. Wendy Kwek's entrepreneurial coaching and seminar school was the setting for the training to be presented to some of the most receptive and open people we have had attending our trainings during this Pacific Tour. Wendy, recently
featured In Smart Investor magazine in an article titled "Shaping Destinies", formed a company called "Executive Directions" which trains and coaches executives to take a more spiritual approach to their "bottom lines", and tap into the more human potentials of their organizations. Wendy also teaches people to expand their consciousness around money, and to move out of the limitations of being an "employee", to taking the step toward Self Reliance in owning their own business. People are what make things work, and happy people get more things done than unhappy people.

So Wendy brought Sondra Ray to the setting of her business school to introduce her students to the Loving Relationships Training. The training was well attended, and the students walked away with deeper insights into their relationships, to the blocks that keep them stuck in conflict, and to the simple forgiveness techniques that release them from distress. All in all people have the same issues around the world: letting go of grievances from the past toward parents, siblings, and fellow business associates, that keep them stuck in the negative patterns of complaint and unhappiness......and scarcity.

Wendy, Sondra & Mark, and Wendy's staff at her Executive Directions Business.

Abundance is the reality in Wendy's world. She is a master at lifting people out of their limitations, into the thinking that will produce better and more positive results, financial and otherwise. Her willingness to bring spiritual and metaphysical principles into her setting, and introduce breathwork to her clientele, showed great courage to bridge the gap between the spiritual and financial worlds. It was a great success. People were happy to go deeper into their relationships and discover the thoughts that were keeping them stuck....then to "breath them out" through Liberation Breathing®. THANK YOU WENDY for bringing us to Singapore, and to all of your staff that made our stay there one of productive appreciation. And many thanks to the sweet people of your city who welcomed us with open minds and open hearts to receive the teachings that will affect their lives......and LOVING RELATIONSHIPS!! And MORE THANKS to JOHN STAMOULOS for bringing breathwork to Singapore, and to his diligent commitment to the people there, and to introducing us to this most powerful woman, WENDY KWEK!!!!

We look forward to our speedy return.

"Quan Yin in Singapore"