Friday, July 23, 2010


Learn about the life changing trip to India in Spring of 2011!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Liberation Breathing Intensive

Sondra Speaks on the
Liberation Breathing® Intensive

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sondra Ray answers frequently asked questions about the Loving Relationships Training™

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Heartfelt LRT in New York City

Sondra & Anna Brooke in Manhattan

The LRT is back in Manhattan, and our new organizer, Anna Brooke, coupled with our friend, colleague, LRT trainer, and fellow rebirther, Maureen Malone, produced an exceptional Loving Relationships Training at the Integral Yoga Institute in the West Greenwich Village area. Also helpful was Jonah Baker, and a handful of assistants who were indispensable to a successful seminar. Anna and Maureen spearheaded the event, and the quality of the space, the people attending, and the atmosphere of Integral Yoga Institute was extremely high.

Maureen putting last minute touches on the LRT

Anna was not only the co-organizer for this return of the LRT to New York, but also our hostess with the "most-est". She housed us in her wonderful apartment for a week, and accommodated all of our needs beautifully. It was the "command center" for the LRT, our daily e-mail workload, assistants meetings, dinners and late night well as the refuge for us to hold our private Liberation Breathing® Sessions with numerous clients. Anna handled the New York City heat, and our presence in her modest sized condo with the aplomb and graciousness indicating her mastery, far beyond our expectations. She is committed to her spiritual evolution and realizing it through service to her rebirthing community in NYC, as well as through travel to India with us the past two years.

The Group Sharing at the LRT after the Rebirthing Session

The meeting room at Integral Yoga was conducive to a wonderful training. It was spacious and light, and had an air of sacredness that helped people overcome their resistances. The breathing sessions were powerful, and many new people who had never experienced conscious connected breathing before, were amazed at how rejuvenated they felt after the one hour breathe. Also, many who felt their relationships were stuck, left the LRT with the tools and new hope that they can create a future different from their past.

Driving to the Training over the Manhattan Bridge

At the Completion Party!
Anna, Sondra & Maureen; with assitants
Alicia Reyes, Stavros Vrahnos, Anu Abraham &
Alicia Violan Ryder

Many Good Thanks goes out to the assistants of the NYC LRT, including Megan Gouldner who could not make it to the completion party. It was truly a team effort, and the people who were new to this life changing material were very supported by the experience and love of the assistants. We felt very close to this New York team, and look forward to the community growing and flourishing in the years to come. Anna has committed her apartment to a new center, and it is a perfect location for others to come and receive the blessings of Rebirthing, Babaji, and the Divine Mother.

Anna's Ganesh on one of her many Altars
Anna & Sondra in the Kitchen
Bole Baba Ki Jai!!