Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dublin Embraces
Liberation Breathing® &
Loving Relationships

Group breathing session during the LRT in Dublin

Sondra and I were happy to present the LRT in Dublin, on the final leg of our eight week long European tour. Many new people had their first taste of the power of their own breath to help them release old traumas and negative thoughts. It was a powerful weekend, and Rosemary Khelifa with friends Vesco, Laura and Sereena were able to bring people together for a successful event for all involved. People were touched deeply in the forgiveness section, and some let go of old grievances they had held for many years.

Rosemary, Sondra and myself at the Dublin LRT

We completed the training with a ceremony to the Divine Mother, offering rose petals to the Altar and reciting the 108 Names in a culmination of gratitude. Rosemary rose to the occasion and provided more rose petals than we have ever had. The sense of abundance filled the ceremony, as we offered a plethora of petals as we read each name.

At the Ganesh Sculpture Park in Wicklow

In County Wicklow, near the small village of Roundwood, an illustrious character, Victor Langheld, who is one of Rosemary's friends, built a sculpture park containing some of the most amazing Ganeshes I have ever seen. Some over nine feet tall, carved out of dark gray granite from India, these Ganeshes form the mainstay of his park, built for the spiritual edification of the visitors. Rosemary took us to see this place after the LRT.

Victor and Rosemary at Victoria's Way

Meandering along the park's path, the visitor comes upon many other interesting sculptures that speak of the pilgrim's stages along the way to enlightenment. This large Buddha in the "desert period" in which he starved himself, speaks of the austerities many of the ancient yogi's put themselves through for God-realization. Cast in Bronze, this sitting Buddha has a presence that stuns a person, as they come upon it unexpectedly during their park trek through the woods.

Starving Buddha and myself

The Boddisatva, Fully Realized
We inevitably ended our saunter back at the place of the Ganeshes. These were so delightful, I did not get tired of being in their presence. There was a sense of great joy coming out of them, and even the little rodent characters around them showed an everyday quality of humanism, especially the little guy working on his MAC computer, sitting at the feet of a huge Ganesh.

Little Guy on his MAC

Ganesh in Free Flow

Bole Baba Ki Jai!!
Thank you Victor and Rosemary, for making our stay in Ireland productive and eye opening. We appreciate your dedicated service to waking up the people.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Royal Swedish
Loving Relationships!

Sondra, Lena Kristina, and Eva

Because Sondra is one half Swedish, the biggest half, a reunion always is in store when she visits her "Swedish Sisters" in Stockholm. Our organizer, Lena Kristina Tuulse, and her husband Toomas Tuulse, along with the help of Eva Gundberg, with the assistance of Hans Moberg and Tiina Pedak, came together to bring us to Sweden to present the New Frequency for Relationships at Lena Kristina's Life University Center in the country. The hospitality of Swedish hearth and home was extended, and Toomas kept the fires of the heart burning during this extra special visit to Sondra's ancestral homeland.

Toomas stoking the living room fire!

The New Frequency for Relationships was also the theme of our time together with these good friends and fellow rebirthers. The seminar was well attended, but the real closeness was with our Swedish "family" that gives us a "home away from home" welcoming.

Boel and Sondra at the Hotel Diplomat

Sondra met up at the Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm with her long time friend Boel Lindberg, who works for the Swedish State Department. Boel is also a talented Ikibana master, the art of Japanese flower arranging. She was busy with the Royal Wedding of the Princess Victoria, which happened the weekend after our visit. As our day in the city unfolded, we took a great walk amidst the Swedish energy of celebration. We passed many picturesque and classic European venues. This statue of one of the Swedish founding fathers was impressive, near the Stockholm Opera House.

A Swedish Founding Father

We continued our stroll through Stockholm, and wandered into various fashion designer shops, while Sondra, Eva and Boel had their "ladies day out". The day was cool and sunny, with wonderful clouds and atmosphere that lifted our spirits as we got to know the city from ground level. Many were out on the town, getting into the spirit of "Tillsammans", which means "togetherness", as the energy for the Royal Wedding was building in the air.

Swedish Fashion Designer

"TILLSAMMANS": Together in the happy union!

All around the city were the signs of the upcoming Royal Wedding, and postcards of the couple were out in the stores. The proud people of Sweden were on the verge of celebration. We were glad to have this day in the city with Eva and Boel. Our time in Sweden was heartfelt, and though the anticipation of the Royal Wedding was on the verge of capturing everyone's attention, we felt the real Swedish "royalty " to be our loving relationships with the friends of Sondra's ancestral roots and home. Many Thanks to Lena Kristina, Toomas, Eva, Boel, and Hans & Tiina for helping to make our stay in Sweden one of deep gratitude. You form the real royal court in our hearts.

The Crowned Princess Victoria of Sweden gets married!

Bole Baba Ki Jai!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Liberation Training in
Caldes de Montbui
Home of the
Ancient Roman Baths

The Roman Baths, preserved in the center of Caldes de Montbui

Near Barcelona, in the sleepy little town of Caldes de Montbui, Sondra and I presented a Liberation Training™ in the thermal waters used for centuries to restore people to health, all the way back to Roman times. The Liberation Training™, an advanced wet-rebirthing intensive, offers people five days of training and processes in the natural hot springs. Always to be done in hot springs, the knowledge of the teaching was given to Sondra from the Divine Mother in the mid-1990's, with the instruction that it must always be done in natural thermal waters. The natural springs are the Divine Mother herself, so the energy of Mother Earth surrounds the participants and aids them in the furthering of their process.

Maria Jose, Mao, and Sondra in Caldes de Montbui

Maria Jose Borras found this perfect setting for the training in a hotel equipped with natural thermal baths. The old town of Clades de Montbui is a place where many come to relax and rest in the thermal springs. Many of the people who came to the Liberation Training™ had attended the LRT in Valencia. The five days were filled with deep sharing, basic teachings on the rebirthing process, sessions on A Course in Miracles, and the Liberation technique from the Divine Mother. In the evenings there was time to stroll the quaint streets of this medieval town, and enjoy the old world atmosphere of a time before cars. Sondra, Maria Jose, Mao and I had many walks down these delightful thoroughfares, especially on the Sunday evening after the Festival of Corpus Christi, when the streets were dotted with colorful murals of confetti, to honor the spirit of JOY and COMMUNION.

We were very impressed by the quality of the rebirthing sessions that occurred at this training. The rebirthers present were well instructed in the art of processing people through their fears. One of the participants in her 60's, who had almost drowned as a girl, had not put her head under water since then. She was aided by Vicente Dominguez Solera in her session, and helped to totally overcome this old, old fear. After her breathe in the water, she came out glowing and happy, saying she had a miraculous turnaround. No more fear, she had totally immersed herself in the thermal water and let go of her childhood trauma. This was just one of the "miracles" we witnessed while the people were going through their processes and being aided by the Divine Mother to let go of debilitating thoughts and memories. The biggest miracle was the joy people felt at the end of the five days. We ate together in the hotel, and the spirit of togetherness lifted all to inner peace and gladness.

Mercedes Monedero and Sondra, Joyful

Vicente Solera and his mate Elene

Our Translators:
Oti & Matilda

Panayota from Greece came all that way!!

Maria Jose and Sondra in "muy divertido"
Bole Baba Ki Jai!!

Valencia LRT,
Produced by Maria Jose Borras

Participants "in a process" at the Valencia LRT

Maria Jose Borras, one of the most experienced rebirthers in Spain, produced a very successful Loving Relationships Training at the Hilton Hotel in Valencia. Aided by her fiancee, Mauricio Lozada Zuluaga, the LRT was well received in the Valencia breathwork community, and over 60 people were in attendance. Oti Navarro and Eduardo Oroval helped in the translation, so all could receive a very deep cleansing of old negative patterns inherited from birth, family, youth and negative past experiences. Sondra and I were impressed at how receptive the students were to taking responsibility for their thoughts...and moving into the breathing sessions with a willingness to let go of the thoughts sabotaging their life. Maria Jose had prepared them well, and our work flowed much easier as a result of her advance preparations.

Maria Jose and Sondra on a Day Off

Maria Jose, also trained in the art of Family Constellations Counseling, is dedicated to the service of her community, and is respected by many as the one who has helped them to get clear on their relationships and their life. She has served Sondra for many years, and has merited the use of the name Liberation Breathing® Facilitator. We are very grateful for her professionalism when it comes to rebirthing her clients, and exceptional ability as an organizer who can produce events with the smoothness of a master. Also, her devotion to the Divine Mother and to Sri Maha Avatar Babaji deepens her work with a spiritual conviction greater than most. THANK YOU ! Maria Jose, for your dedicated service to your community!

Many were happy to obtain Sondra's books in Spanish, and Maria Jose made sure they were available to the participants. Book signings were in store, and the books gave people a thorough overview of Sondra's work and teachings. We were so satisfied with the Valencia LRT, as were the people, we will be doing it again next year in this wonderful part of Spain.

Bole Baba Ki Jai!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Portugal: The LRT
in Lisbon is
a Miracle for Many

The terra cotta rooves in Lisbon

We landed in Lisbon after the Estonia workshop, and were met at the airport by Marisa Loureiro, the wife and co-organizer with Alexandre Neto, who started a very thriving center in Lisbon called New Freedom. We had a day in the city before the events began, which Sondra loves as one of Europe's most beautiful spots. From a terrace restaurant on the top floor of one of Lisbon's fine hotels, we could get a glimpse of the whole city, and the striking terra cotta rooves that adorn the city from above. A mixture of old world charm and new world modernism, Lisbon has evolved into one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the Iberian Peninsula.

Sondra & Marisa out for lunch

Alexandre & myself joining them

New Freedom was formed by Alexandre a few years ago as a place that people could come for seminars to change their consciousness. Originally a student of NLP, Alexandre was moved by our meeting two years ago to begin studying A Course in Miracles. Now his center offers weekly classes on this highly important modern day scripture. So it made it easy for us to flow into his program offering, and present the LRT to his community, as they were already familiar with the principles in ACIM, and many already had been introduced to rebirthing.

The Loving Relationships Training is so basic to meet the spiritual and psychological needs for people to look at themselves, and to release the negative thought forms blockng them from experiencing total flow and happiness in their life. All the participants went deeply into their process, and thanked us for the training, making sure we would come back next year for another teaching engagement. We thought of doing another LRT, and a Liberation Breathing Intensive. We graciously accepted this invitation, and look forward to our return to this city of so much light.

Bole Baba Ki Jai!! Love, MARK & SONDRA

Rita Aragao sharing about her India experience.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Estonia Now !!
An LRT in Taalinn

The Manor House where the Loving Relationships Training was held.

Sondra and I were delighted to travel to Estonia to Give an LRT in Tallinn, the capital city. It was a last minute preparation pulled off with great finesse by Tiina Pedak, who is from Estonia, and her mate Hans Moberg, who hails from Sweden. Tiina saw that we had a one week gap in our schedule, and contacted us to come only a month or so before our departure. She and Hans produced the LRT in a wonderful Manor House just on the outskirts of the city. They were well instructed by Lena Kristina Tuulse of Sweden in breathwork, which made us the beneficiaries of this good training.

Tiina, Sondra and Hans in Estonia

Sondra and I presented the LRT for the first time in Estonia, and the people were very receptive, because many had already been exposed for years to many rebirthing trainings. We were taken care of very well. Estonia, one of the Baltic countries, was once occupied by the Russians during the Soviet period. Now an independent nation again, the economy is thriving, and the period of Russian domination over. The Estonians are open again with their own national identity, and are reaching out to the European community and beyond.

The Divine Mother offering of roses completed our LRT, and many were moved by the power of reading the names out loud to the Altar. Always people are asked to think of one request to the Mother for a problem to be solved, and on many occasions this offering invokes the help to bring the solution.

Many thanks to Tiina and Hans, and to all the Estonians who helped bring the LRT here, and for their gracious invitation for Sondra and me to return next year. Also, special thanks to Annika, our translator, who made the training go very smoothly.

I painted, perhaps, my last Babaji in the trainings. From now on my instructions are to help teach in front of the room. So this Babaji in Estonia has special meaning to me. It is now in Tiina's rebirthing room in her home in Haapsalu. We traveled there the evening before we left, met Tiina's two small daughters, and explored the little town. Now we are close to Estonia, and look forward to our return.

Babaji in Estonia

Bole Baba Ki Jai!!


Sondra & Annika at the LRT

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sondra & Mark's
Euopean Tour
Liberation Breathing® Along !

Our Italian Experience

Sondra & Michelangelo in Milan

Sondra and I began our tour of Europe 2010 in Milan, Italy, at the Chine Club Healing Center of Michelangelo Chieche, a long time friend and colleague of Sondra's. We were often treated like royalty by his very competent staff made up by Valeria, Poala, Luigi and Gratzi. Presenting a "Miracle Consciousness" weekend, we were happy to introduce new people to A Course in Miracles and Liberation Breathing®. All of the people received the benefits of giving up their anger and especially by forgiving all their family members. Michelangelo was on hand for translations in Italian, and his synergy with Sondra's in the seminar matched very well, and the language barrier was easily overcome.

It was a happy event, as many come to Michelangelo's center to heal themselves through reflexology and rebirthing, as well as through dietary changes and colon therapy. The center is like a home, and the people feel very nurtured by the Chine Club staff, as though the living room is the center for real healing, and hospitality the main medicine. We were very impressed......again, as Sondra has been coming here for many years to teach the people rebirthing and the Loving Relationships Training. We are treated like family and made to feel like honored guests. Michelangelo, a Babaji devotee and healing arts therapist of Muniraj, takes a group to India every year, like Sondra, to visit Babaji's ashram in Herakahn, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Dedicated to his spiritual awakening, a teacher in his own right, Michelangelo helps many to overcome their limitations and break out of old debilitating patterns of thought and behavior. We were very happy to start our European tour in Milan.

The group breathing session was the first time many experienced the power of their breath to clear them of past emotional trauma. There was much catharsis in the room, and the assistants were well trained by Michelangelo to help people through their difficult moments, and breath out the charge of fear or grief still stuck in their minds and bodies. The Divine Mother was very present to help, and many felt Babaji as well.

Paola is the office star who keeps the center running smoothly throughout the year. Micelangelo travels around the world with Valeria, his partner, teaching his methods of reflexology and diet, as well as rebirthing. We got to know Poala better this year, and she won our hearts over when we saw how giving she is to the people, and how essential is her role in the office. She keeps the programs organized in a most professional way. We are always happy to be in Milan, especially this year as our first stop.

Rome Was a Blend of Work,
Hospitality, the Vatican
and Shopping!

We took the train from Milan to Rome, and were met by our organizer and rebirther, Enza Carifi, with one of her assistants, Fiammetta Cerulli, at the Rome Central Station. It was a good week of hospitality and work, as we stayed with Enza in her newly renovated apartment. The meals were delightful every night, and we played Elvis and danced in the kitchen with her friends.

Sondra, Gabriella, Silvia, and Enza in Rome

We worked the weekend in Rome with an LRT, and many people were surprised and uplifted by getting free of negative, repetitive family patterns. We had not been to Rome for two years, so it was great connecting with old friends. We had the opportunity to see the Vatican as well, which took a whole day. Honestly, we felt that experience was very tiring and heavy, walking through a very patriarchal view of spirituality. The art work in the Vatican's vast collection often elevates suffering as holy, which is so unnecessary, and off, as far as we were concerned. We felt like we had "visual indigestion" afterwards. But we were glad to have seen the Vatican....and it was not long before we were restored by an exciting Roman shopping experience.

Sondra in St. Peter's Square

At the Spanish Steps many people congregate and come to stroll along the streets where many Italian designers have their shops. One day took us to this area, and we experienced more of Rome's flavor that is so friendly to pedestrians.

We stopped to rest our feet in one of the many cafes, and were serenaded by an accordian player in our midst. The highlight for us was of course the LRT and the breath sessions, but it was a great asset to be in the vibrant and alive atmosphere of Rome, walking the streets and seeing the city. In one of the restored Hotels where we also stopped to relax, we were impressed by the architecture and artwork that was so beautiful....and prevalent everywhere it seemed.

A big thank you goes to Enza and all of her friends, including Dr. Osvaldo Sponzilli, for making our stay in Rome very rich and relaxing, and productive as well. It was great to bring the Loving Relationships Training back there...and many people commented on how much benefit they received from the wisdom being shared.

We are looking forward to our return to Rome on the next European tour, so we can continue to extend the good work of Liberation Breathing®. Bole Baba Ki Jai!