Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hans Moberg helped us in Sweden

Sondra and Hans with paintings in his Stockholm flat

Hans Moberg helped us to produce a New LRT in Stockholm this year in Sweden. Hans has spent many years in the Swedish breathworkers community, and this year he stepped into a role of organizing for us in Stockholm, where he divides his time between a small flat in the Bohemian south side of Stockholm, and a house in the country. THANK YOU, Hans, for all of your work to bring the Loving Relationships Training to Stockholm!!

Eva in Herakhan, India, on the 2010 India Quest.

Also assisting us in Stockholm was Sondra's dear friend Eva Gundberg, who went to India with the India Quest in 2010, and continues to be involved with rebirthing in the Stockholm area. Eva, also an M.D in obstetrics, having delivered over 15,000 babies, an expert in vertical birth in which the mother squats during delivery, brings her years of overcoming birth trauma to the process of rebirthing. Eva, thank you for your help and support for our work in Stockholm.

Lena Kristina Tuulse and Sondra in Stockholm

Lena Kristina Tuulse, one of the most prominent teachers of breathwork in Sweden, was also present for an evening on Ho'oponopono that we introduced in Stockholm. Sondra and Lena Kristina have worked together for many years, their relationship going all the way back to the 1970's when rebirthing had its beginning in San Francisco, California, in the USA. Lena Kristina is organizing the Liberation Breathing® Intensive II in Iceland next week...and we look forward to spending more time with her on our last stop on the European tour, breathing in the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon near Keflavik.

Overlooking the Stockholm waterways from the Ho'oponopono venue

We are grateful to those who came to the New LRT in Stockholm. We are particularly grateful for Susanne Hall for singing some of her original songs during the training, and helping us to create a sacred space in which the participants could get closer to their souls. Thank You for all those in Sweden who use their breath as a tool of transformation, and see their spiritual awakening as one of the most important purposes of their lives. We look forward to coming back to work in Sweden many years to come.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tiina Pedak is a rising star in Estonia!

Tiina and Sondra in the Olde Town of Tallin, Estonia

We travelled to Tallin, Estonia, after our wonderful trainings in Spain with Maria Jose Borras and our Spanish Liberation Breathing® community. Tiina Pedak is one of the rising stars in the breathwork community there in Estonia....and she organized a weekend workshop at a local yoga center in Tallin. The people in Estonia are very open to the process of using the breath to rise to higher and deeper levels of consciousness. Tiina brought together a mixture of new and experienced breathworkers, as well as some who had never used the breath before as a catalyst for change.

Many thanks go to Kristi Paasuke for her excellent translating work. Kristi has studied breathwork for many years herself, and was a great help to the training, giving accurate translations in Estonian to the people who were new to our work. THANK YOU, Kristi. It was a pleasure getting to know you!

In the weekend we discussed the basic concepts of Liberation Breathing® and began and ended the training with homage to the Divine Mother. People got to look at effective ways to release anger, and the most important steps of forgiving our parents. Also the work in locating and releasing our "personal lie" was discussed on Friday. Saturday was spent looking at the basic family patterns taught in the New Loving Relationships Training, and how to free ourselves from the negative tendencies we inherited from our birth script and family tendencies that were unhealthy. Everyone was very into the breathing by then, and needed the process to let go of the old "stuff" we have been carrying around with us.

Estonians learning the Liberation Breathing® process in Tallin

It was very heart warming to see how well the people of Estonia took to the breath as a tool of transformation. The group was very willing to share their experiences in the seminar, and some of the sharings were quite profound. Getting in touch with the "personal lie", one's most dominant negative consciousness factor that is often suppressed and submerged in the subconscious mind, was the highlight for many.

Sondra and Pille looking lovely

All these opportunities to meet powerful women...and men.... of Estonia came to our door. We got to know them in a deeper way...and found them very open to Liberation Breathing® and this introspective "work" we offer in the seminars.

Sondra and the Town Pointer in Olde Tallin

On our last day in Tallin we took a long stroll in the Olde Town of Tallin. At the Olde Hansa house we delighted in honey beer, which is like a meade, and a wild mushroom soup that was out of this world. Sondra set her sights on a piece of jewelry that was indicative of the amber artifacts commonly created in the Baltic states. This piece she put on her "wish list" for when we return to the near future, we hope.

Amber crafts are prevalent in the Baltic States

So leaving Estonia on the ship to Stockholm came with its tinge of the bittersweet. Fortunately Sondra and I were interviewed by journalist Kristiina so she could write up her experience of the training in one of the prominent Tallin magazines.

Journalist, Kristiina, and Sondra on the last day in Tallin

And of course, Tiina brought us Estonian chocolates to enjoy on our cruise to Stockholm!

Tiina, our only regret is that we can't pack you away in our suitcase. Already you know how much luggage we need on our tours! That would really put us over the top!
Bole Baba Ki JAI!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Maria Jose Borras
from Valencia, SPAIN, is on the
Liberation Breathing® Body

Maria Jose Borras is one of the most committed people we know who has dedicated her life to service through breathwork and Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother. Because of this, she has been elected to serve on the Liberation Breathing® Body, Liberation Breathing®'s governing board of directors worldwide. She has known and organized for Sondra Ray in Valencia for many years now, and there is a bond they have that is very strong and positive. She has consistently served her community to raise the consciousness of the people and of her clients, and also has the ability to bring people together for very valuable seminars and support teams. We are very grateful to Maria Jose for her dedicated service, as well as her wise counsel that helps to keep breathwork going in Spain, and the Divine Mother's presence part of the work in her area.

Maria Jose has successfully produced two Liberation Breathing® Intensives II in the thermal waters at Villa de Caldes in the little town of Caldes de Montbui, just north of Barcelona. We have been delighted with these events because they are the most powerful trainings from the Divine Mother we offer, outside of the India Quest. Maria Jose and her mate, Mauricio, have worked together for two years to bring about this important training for the people of Spain. Many thanks of gratitude go out from our heart to her, for this dedication she consistently exhibits. It is because of this dedication that she has been elected to the Liberation Breathing® Body, to help make decisions concerning the extension of Liberation Breathing® worldwide.

The Rose Petal Puja to the Divine Mother
is done at all of our events in Spain

Maria Jose is in the vibration of the Divine Mother. She herself, a mother of three boys, has a natural relationship with the divine feminine energy that is embodied in Liberation Breathing®. She has travelled with us to India on two different occasions to Babaji's ashram at Herakhan, and has surrendered to a life of His teachings: "Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service to Mankind." On this last trip she and her man, Mauricio, took the very sacred initiation of Mundun, where the head is shaved in the presence of the Master, in this case Babaji and the Divine Mother in Herakhan. Although this is not a requirement to be a Liberation Breathing® practitioner, it certainly makes Maria Jose's commitment to Liberation Breathing® much deeper and more powerful.

Maria Jose and Mauricio on the banks of the Gautama Ganga River
in Herakhan....with their fresh Munduns

We are happy that Maria Jose Borras brings a big heart and a professional background and commitment to Liberation Breathing® in Valencia. It is no accident that the Divine Mother has entrusted her with this work in Spain. She has shown her service in so many ways, and we are honored to work with her in this part of our worldwide network and community. Even when we are "off duty", M.J. makes sure we are well taken care of with trips to Barcelona. This year we visited Antonio Gaudi's Parque Guell, which is one of the architectural and cultural jewels of this famous Catalunyan's repertoire in Barcelona.

The beautiful ambiance of Parque Guell,
the perfect melding of nature and architecture.

Maria Jose and Sondra in a
leisure moment in Parque Guell

We intend to work in Spain for many years to come in collaboration with Maria Jose Borras. She brings an excellence to the work that we love and respect. We are happy she is part of the Liberation Breathing® Body of governing directors worldwide. We are happy that she has such a deep understanding of people and their process of spiritual and conscious evolution. We are happy that she is totally surrendered to the Divine Mother energy that is so much needed in these coming times of worldwide challenges and changes. OUR DEEPEST love is experienced in her presence, for which we are most grateful. BOLE BABA KI JAI!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spain was fantastic!
Maria Jose Borras and her mate Mauricio Lozada
make a difference!

In Spain we spent two wonderful weeks with Maria Jose and Mauricio, doing the New LRT in Valencia, their hometown, and the Liberation Training in the thermal waters near Barcelona, in the small town of Caldes de Montbui. The New LRT was well attended, and we met some new people who inspired us and made our stay there very high and productive. Many thanks go also to our wonderful translators, Irene Jove and Beatriz Fernandez, from the Barcelona area who drove down to Valencia to help out.

Irene and Sondra in Caldes de Montbui .............Sondra and Beatriz in Valencia

The people in Valencia were very moved by the Divine Mother energy. The visit to Spain began with a ceremony to the Divine Mother in the center of Manuela's. We read the 108 names of the Divine Mother with the community, and offered rose petals to the Mother, represented by the painting Mark did of Her in the training in Valencia two years ago.

Divine Mother Painting with Rose Petals Offered

The New LRT was the highlight of the week spent in Valencia, and we were very grateful that people came from various parts of Spain to participate. One woman from the Basque region, Amaya Arkotxa, came not only to the LRT but also to the week long Liberation Training in Caldes. She also received a private Liberation Breathing® session with she was really "going for it" and we were happy to make a new contact with someone from that region of Spain.

Amaya and Sondra in Caldes de Montbui

Caldes de Montbui is a sleepy little town north of Barcelona which Maria Jose and Mauricio found for us to give the Liberation Breathing® Intensive II in the thermal waters there, dating all the way back to Roman times. We stay in the Caldes Villa, a prominent hotel in the town, and have the water Liberation Breathing® in the hot tubs which are filled by the natural thermal waters. We virtually take over most of the hotel and the baths, so it almost becomes our private hotel. The togetherness is very strong, as we eat together and breathe together in the waters for five days. Also, in off hours the little town is a delightful place in which to stroll and take in the sights of another era.

Down the Street from Our Hotel was the Church

Almost from another historic time zone, the streets of Caldes took us into an atmosphere when cars were not the dominant factor in our lives, and walking was a joy. Some of the scenes were unforgettably beautiful in their peace and quiet. In the early evening before dinner we would stroll through the town and catch the leisure of the people and culture of Spain. It felt like "leisure on top of leisure", with no pressure and unnecessary modern noise.

Some of our group in the roof pool on the last day of Liberation Breathing®

The training was "capped off" by a Liberation Breathing® Session in the pool on the roof of Caldes Villa. Of course, on this last day of the training the water was cold, so people could clear their fears and their "unconscious death urge". We went really deeply into the process of the Liberation technique that SONDRA received from the Divine Mother years ago. People were astounded by the positive results of this technique done in the thermal and cold waters of Caldes. We were sad for the training to come to an end, as it was a joy to meet all of these good people from many parts of SPAIN. We have already planned our trip back next year, and look forward to returning to our "Little Town" near Barcelona, where people can be liberated from their most negative thoughts.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Of course, Portuguese hospitality is almost unrivaled in the world, and this dynamic trio, Alexander and Marisa Neto, with their new baby of seven months, Margarita, made sure that we knew they were our official adopted family. We stayed with them for two weeks in their lovely home in Turcifal, a little village outside of Lisbon, and were humbled to be treated like honored guests, and given a central place in their hearts. Alexandre and Marisa own and operate the New Freedom Center in Lisbon which is dedicated to the raising of consciousness of the people. Alex teaches seminars to people in businesses to increase their happiness and productivity, through some of the basic principles of creative thought and getting people in touch with their "inner guide". The New Freedom Center sponsored us to come and teach the New LRT, give private Liberation Breathing® Sessions, and provide some one to one instruction at their Center in the art and practice of Liberation Breathing®.

Of course, "Maggie" Neto stole our hearts as well, and gave us the opportunity to see a wise soul in a baby's little body. She was an example of pure JOY, and did not cry one time during our whole visit in Portugal. The JOY was ours as well, because it was delightful to see a family in harmony, doing work they enjoy, and leading the good life at all levels. We felt so much love coming from these people, and Alex even sent his parents to us for Liberation Breathing® Sessions! Maggie, of course, did not need the process, as she had not taken on any trauma to clear in this life so far. In fact, she was our teacher while in Turcifal.

At the New Freedom Center, we taught the New LRT. The people were very open to receive the Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother. The seminar was well attended by some of the local rebirthing practitioners -- Salome Santos, Teresa Aguiar, and Ana Cadima. Were were happy to introduce them to the new expression of rebirthing, Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother. It was good to see these women fully in their feminine power. Especially Marisa, who is not only a mother now, but a full partner in the New Freedom Center, and now trained in the practice of Liberation Breathing®

"Just be happy," says Maggie. And that is a philosophy she practices. We would all learn well from her in our everyday lives. She obviously chose to incarnate into a family who already is free of much of their conditioning and family patterns. We were just in a state of constant joy and appreciation due to the high nature of Maggie's relaxed presence. What's there not to like? Well, the question of "Who is your family, Mark Sullivan?" coming from Alexandre, was getting easier and easier to answer the longer we were taken in by these Portuguese gems. When we were not teaching we were enjoying the old world beauty of Lisbon. The streets are bathed with a golden light unique to Portugal, and the sidewalks are as beautiful as any you will see in the world. Sondra spent her "shopping day" in the old town of Lisboa, where the central avenue is paved with intricate designs of marble mosaics.

All in all, our stay in Portugal was extremely productive. We gave many Liberation Breathing® Sessions in the New Freedom center, taught the New Loving Relationships Training, and met some wonderful people involved in the breathwork process. All we need to figure out now is how we can spend more time with our new relatives, now that we are clear Maggie Neto is our guru in waiting and Alex and Marisa are two of our brightest students and associates in our worldwide Liberation Breathing® family!!

Dad and Maggie