Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What do
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Medellin, Colombia
Puebla, Mexico
have in common?

Sondra Ray and the Colombia participants of the Liberation Breathing® seminar.

Elena Peix with Sondra Ray, Marta Espezel, Silvia Tassistro, and Adriana Lukac just after the Liberation Breathing® seminar in Buenos Aires. These ladies put it all together in Argentina for us to have a wonderful week of breathing and fun!

Participants in Puebla, Mexico, breathing their way into bliss!! at the Liberation Breathing® Intensive we had for five full days! at mother and daughter, Irma Azomoza and Julieta Palacios's Transpersonal Psychology School.

What they all have in common is

Thursday, August 11, 2011

South America & Mexico


A Mountainous Force in


The Andes Range surrounds Santiago

During the week we spent in Santiago, Chile, with our students of Liberation Breathing®, we had the backdrop of the majestic Andes supporting the event and our presence in this remarkable section of the Andes Range. The city is surrounded my these majestic sentinels, and the clear winter atmosphere allowed us to be aware of them on a daily basis. As you can see, many people in South America would come here in the winter for July is the middle of winter here in the southern hemisphere! We stayed in the home of our organizers, Paula Estevez and Juan Somavia...and experienced hospitality that was exceptional and warm.

Juan, Mark, Paula and Sondra in the care of Amachi

Paula and Juan lead professional lives as well as being passionate about Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother. Paula, an engineer, is helping the planet liberate itself from fossil fuels by creating wind power in Chile. She is a project manager for a Danish company that is building "wind parks" to generate electricity. Juan has a background in the diplomatic service of Chile, and currently is an "ambassador" for the exceptional wine industry of Chile, helping to promote its fine grape products worldwide.

The Divine Mother energy was in the Surya Yoga Center of Santiago, where we held a five day Liberation Breathing Intensive I. It is a place with peace and quiet already strongly present....the perfect setting for the it made our work there easier and enjoyable. The people went very deeply into their process of introspection, aided by the presence of the Divine Mother to help them through their breathe and release. This "Dancing Goddess" graced the room where we congregated on our coffee breaks.

Our students in a happy moment of note taking

In the large space of the upper yoga room,
everyone got to breathe with their "buddy".
Of course all of the fun did not stop here. Paula and Juan's daughters, Amelia and Blanca, never ceased to amaze us with their talents at home. Amelia is quite the artist, and Blanca the dancer. Here is a drawing by Blanca of "Sondra and Mark", and a clay sculpture done by Amelia.

Our time in Chile was well spent in training our students in the art of Liberation Breathing®....with the blessing of the Divine Mother behind it all. THANK YOU, Paula, Juan and the people of Chile for putting your spiritual life in a place of high priority. We look forward to coming back next year and continuing our work with you and Alejandra Ramirez who will join the team of committed breathworkers in Santiago.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Iceland in July

Last Stop on the European Tour
Why Iceland?

The Blue Lagoon near Keflavik, Iceland

Dear Friends. My computer crashed in Estonia, so this is the first thing I have written on my new Macbook Pro! Maybe this should be titled: "Why it is Worth It to go to Iceland".

I find very, very few things as powerful for people as taking them to India. But this ranks right up there with the amazing changes that can be had...especially in the Blue Lagoon. It is the biggest geothermal mineral bath I know of in the world.... and the strongest. The steamy waters are part of an underground lava formation. I have been in alot of mineral baths, but nothing with healing power such as this. The temperature of the water is about 98 to l04 degrees F. The place is known for positive effects on the skin and many people have been healed of psoriasis there. The water in the Blue Lagoon is totally renewed every two days I think.

Well , try to imagine spending 3 hours a day for 5 straight days in this water with your snorkel and nose plugs, doing Liberation Breathing®!! Not only that, but also we do the amazing Liberation Technique that the Divine Mother taught me..... every day in the water, also. The amazing thing was that the tourists were VERY respectful of us at all times, and of course they were curious as well. We were photographed a lot by the tourists but not interfered with in any way.

We began each morning with the reciting of the l08 names of the Divine Mother in unison. Then we meditated on the physical immortality mantra, or else Om Namaha Shivay. After that people interviewed their buddy for the day and then we hit the lagoon. On one day the group took to sightseeing. We also saw films of the volcanic activity by a local Icelandic film maker. About 79% of Iceland's land is of RECENT volcanic origin, consisting of glaciers, lakes and mountainous lava deserts.
Recent Volcanic activity on the Island

It is light most of the night in July. So even when you are outside of the Blue Lagoon, you are getting a huge dose of Divine Mother energy that is mind blowing. The energy gets you so high on just the natural surroundings, the whole country induces a rebirth.

Janne Wind from Denmark in Liberation Breathing® Session with Participant

For five days we gathered together in the Blue lagoon pools and practiced the Liberation Breathing ® Technique from the Divine Mother for three hours in Her wonderful healing waters. Seventeen of us from the USA, Ireland, Sweden, England, Denmark, Poland, and Estonia came to let go of our most negative thoughts and breathe out the past, while doing various other spiritual practices during the rest of the day.

Some of the group in a moment of togetherness

Iceland was the last stop on our seven stop European Tour, but certainly not the least. In fact it was the highlight for Mark and me....a much needed rejuvenation after being on the road for two months. The thermal waters proved to be everything the Divine Mother wanted for us and our students, and the Blue Lagoon staff and facilities made this training an incredible experience for everyone. All walked away transformed, and we got very close in the work......agreeing to keep the bond alive and supporting each other with affirmations and good will sent over the ethers to one another.

Mark, Lena Kristina Tuulse, our LBI II organizer from Sweden,
and Sondra on the last the dining room at the Blue Lagoon

Not only was the water at the Blue Lagoon healing in every way, so was the food in the dining room where we all joined for lunch after the breathe in the morning. Lena Kristina Tuulse, from Sweden, put her heart into the organization of the Liberation Breathing® Intensive II. A long time colleague of Sondra's, she has been the main force of rebirthing in Sweden for many years. We were happy to join her this year in Iceland...and hope to be going back every year for this remarkable experience and training. The healing was palpable, and the Divine Mother was very pleased with the appreciation in which the group immersed themselves.

Clowning around with white mud on our face!

Why Iceland ? Because it is one of the most spiritually charged spots on the planet, and the Blue Lagoon is probably the most celebrated and incredible thermal waters in the world representing the super healing properties of the Divine Mother. Why Iceland ? Because we all need to step out of our routines and go for something adventurous and different, here on the edge of the arctic circle. Why Iceland ? Because it is awesome, and takes us to the edge of Mother Earth's power of reforming itself. And in that energy of reforming, we were all brought a little closer to the Power of who we are as God created a state of perfect happiness.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tove Jensen and her Team make Denmark
A Remarkable Success!!

Sondra & Tove in the back garden

We spent a week in Denmark teaching the New LRT and giving private Liberation Breathing® sessions in Tove's home in Copenhagen. Tove and her team produced an evening event, where we spoke at the Black Diamond National Library, and introduced people to the ancient Hawaiian Ho'oponopono forgiveness process. This process Sondra and I learned many years ago, and practice it daily. It is a way of taking 100% responsibility for everything in our life, as everything is a result of our thoughts. This modern day process was updated by Morrnah Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna, or spiritual master, with whom Sondra studied many years ago. Morrnah gave Sondra permission to give Ho'oponopono introductions to her students. For those wishing to take the whole class and receive the manual authorized by Morrnah, go to

The Streets of Olde Copenhagen

We had our morning of the second day in Denmark to stroll the lovely picturesque streets of Olde Copenhagen, and do a little shopping while we were in the city center.

We were excited to come to Denmark as we had never been there before. We were very very curious why the Danes were studied to be the happiest people in the world. We really tried to figure that out. All I know is that we were very happy there ourselves and it might be due to the fact that the Danes really take care of each other. But a deeper reason might be because they get such a long free maternity leave. The babies then get a really happy start.

We were so well taken care of by Tove and her husband Rolf who prepared for us the most incredible meals. Everywhere we turned, the service was remarkable.

A Real Danish Breakfast!

We also met some very powerful people. The seminar itself was held on an estate which was incredibly beautiful as you see here, the Langebaek Retreat Center. We all stayed together in one of the buildings on the estate which was really intimate. It is so wonderful to go away from a place and feel such SATISFACTION because everything went off perfectly. This is because Tove and her team had the high thought to make it that way. When people are naturally into great service. everything flows miraculously.

The people at the New LRT were grateful to get clear on relationships, and have a chance to breathe out negative patterns from their minds and bodies. Hans Moberg came over from Sweden to he is helping with the group rebirthing. We were impressed by everyone's openness and willingness to share in the group setting. The place was a very peaceful and perfect for a quiet, gentle breathe. All participants felt relaxed and well cared for in this Shangi-la.

Group Liberation Breathing® sessions are offered in the New LRT. Evolving out of the sound practice of rebirthing, conscious connected breathing, Liberation Breathing® adds the power of the Divine Mother to the sessions, as She has the role of transmuting the negative energies that people are releasing to pure light. Placing rebirthing under Her auspices makes the sessions 9X more powerful....and we have witnessed people releasing their past traumas much faster by reading the 108 Divine Mother names to the group as they complete their breathing cycle. We are so grateful to have received this boon of Divine Help and to be entrusted with Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother.

One of the joys of the training was to have delicious meals prepared by the Langebaek Retreat Center staff. It added a sense of togetherness when we gathered for lunch and dinner. Tove and her team were very helpful during the training.

Janne and Hanna, assisting and having a good meal during the New LRT

Rolf and Tove in a tender moment during the New LRT

A vignette in the gardens of Langebaek

The Divine Mother was inspiring throughout the training and Mark painted Her, after a year hiatus from painting in the trainings. And at the end of our time at Langebeak we all performed a rose petal puja to the Divine Mother, and expressed our gratitude for Her helping us have a perfect weekend. Jai Maha Maya Ki JAI!! THANK YOU to all of our new Danish friends for embracing the benefits of the New LRT and Liberation Breathing® !!