Thursday, January 14, 2010


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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve in Nashville!!
A Night with Paula Chavis &
the John Birdsong Quartet
at "F. Scotts"

Max Niederle graced us with his presence on New Year's Eve and we headed out to the Nashville jazz scene at "F. Scotts", for this superb performance by Paula Chavis and the John Birdsong Quartet. It was a night of festive reverie, and Paula was right on with her renditions of her special repertoire that brought the house to a midnight high......and appreciation for the mastery of this very professional and giving group of musicians. The audience was not shy, and on occasion people got up and danced, and even sang along with Paula at the mic.

We sat with Max in one of the most "choice spots" in the club, front and center, only feet away from Paula and this remarkable group of music makers. During the night we all filled out our questionnaires of "things to acknowledge and let go of from 2009", and "things to envision and manifest in 2010". Max was quite a sport, as were the people around our table who Sondra enthusiastically recruited into doing the questionnaire. We all wrote our answers and read them out loud to each other. It was a good way to complete 2009, and MOVE on into greater levels of gratitude for the upcoming year.

When the clock struck close to midnight, the hats went on and the noisemakers came out. We were all a bit high by then, and HAPPY NEW YEAR was shouted by the revelers at the dropping of the ball, the popping of Champagne bottles, and Paula singing Old Lang Synge. All was well.......even Max listened to his first account of the benefits of Liberation Breathing® from the mother of rebirthing herself.....and agreed to come for a session!!! The whole night was a Liberation, as we explored the main "national product" of this town...the incredible music scene that put Nashville on the map as one of the recording capitals of the world. Thank YOU Nashville, for providing us with a great new home, and thank you Max...... musician, composers, teacher and friend at large..... for your company at our New Year's Eve Celebration!!! Love, SONDRA & MARK