Tuesday, May 31, 2011

European Tour in 2011

European Tour Begins in Ireland

In Cork, a good turn out for lectures!

Many thanks go to Rosemary Khelifa of Dublin, and Vesco Bondov of Cork, for organizing our lectures, private Liberation Breathing® Sessions, and the New LRT, (Loving Relationships Training) in Dublin and Cork, beginning our two month tour of Europe. Rosemary is a teacher and practicing rebirther in the Dublin and Cork region. She brought her passion for the breath and the LRT to our work, and supported many in being introduced to new spiritual alternatives such as Liberation Breathing®, Ho'oponopono, and the New LRT. Vesco is a trantric yoga teacher, as well he has a keen interest in internet marketing and website building. He is the co-founder of an alternative spiritual organization called the Soul Republic.

While staying in Cork we met Dan Brennen, who graciously, along with Bernard O'Sullivan, put us up in the famous fashion of Irish hospitality in their cozy corners of the world. Here are Dan and Rosemary having a wee bit of fun after the LRT Seminar on Saturday night. Dan is also a practitioner of rebirthing, and held up pretty well to being interviewed by SONDRA on the status of his current and past relationships. We had a wonderful time in Cork, and hope to go back there next year and pick up where we left off with the same hospitable people.

Of course Ireland in May is still a bit chilly for us, but Sondra managed to keep away the drafts wearing her recent acquisition from her Greek designer in Athens. She must have known when we were in Athens in March to bundle up with a new wrap! Here is Sondra and Anne O'Flynn in the Cork train station awaiting our trip back to Dublin after the workshop. Anne is a follower of Sai Ma who comes to Cork twice a year and has a very strong group of devotees in that area of Ireland. It was great meeting new people who place their spiritual evolution in the first place.

Many thanks to all those who attended the New LRT in Cork, and to Mary Edwards for hosting us at one of her events in Dublin. Also, we would like to thank those who had private Liberation Breathing® Sessions with us, and invite them anytime to continue their breathing process with us over SKYPE!