Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Greece, Athen's "OM CENTER" is Host
to Sondra's Teachings

Sondra and Ilaira Bouratinos, founder of the "OM Center"

Before the India Quest, Sondra Ray stopped over in Athens to present a weekend seminar at the new "OM Center", founded by Ilaira Bouratinos. In addition to discussing her most strong insights into Relationships, and how our type of birth affects our life and our relationships, Sondra introduced many new people to the Liberation Breathing® process. Some had experience in rebirthing from a growing community of breathers in Athens, but getting the teachings directly from Sondra, and the new vibrations of the Divine Mother through Liberation Breathing, further enhanced the depth of their breath sessions. Many got profound insights into their "case", and how their negative thoughts were affecting their lives.

Sondra and Dr. Yiannis Vousvoukis

Special thanks goes to one of Athens' experienced Rebirthers, Dr. Viannis Vousvoukis, who spearheaded the organization for this Athens Seminar. He generously provided his lovely Athens apartment for our "headquarters", and graciously hosted us with his very fine attention, care and love. He also made his apartment available for our many private consultations and Liberation Breathing® Sessions, which he helped to schedule and arrange. In addition to maintaining a full time medical practice of Dermatology in Athens, Dr. Vousvoukis has a rebirthing practice as well, helping many to liberate themselves from their debilitating negative memories and thoughts, through the power of their own breath. We are so grateful that he provides a strong support for the rebirthing community in Athens.

On the grounds where Socrates walked and talked, it was humbling for us to be in the place on earth where Western Civilization began in a strong way. Athens has preserved the old, so the vibrations of the ancients are still present around many turns and down many narrow walkways. Within a minute walk of the OM Center, many ruins of Athens' beginnings are apparent. One could nearly feel the energy of philosophy's passionate spokesmen making their dialogues on the very grounds before us. We were happy to have this close contact with the essence of Athens, and its great contribution to Western Culture.

Dr. Viannis Vousvoukis facilitating a rebirth with a seminar participant.

At the newly renovated OM Center, Ilaira Bouratinos has created a learning center well suited for classes in Yoga, Shiatsu, Rebirthing, and many other healing arts. It was a perfect setting for us to introduce Liberation Breathing® to the Rebirthing community in Athens, and to present the power of the Divine Mother through a reading of the 108 Names of Her at the end of the seminar. We all did a "puja", an offering, to the Divine Mother by reading the names and pitching rose petals toward Her Altar. Many were very moved by this experience, and the whole group sent their blessings toward Ilaira's new pregnancy, and to the child she is carrying. Gratitude was the final energy permeating the OM Center. And our hearts were filled with an urge to honor Ilaira's and Yiannis's diligent work to bring us to Athens for the people there. We left them with the painting of Babaji that Mark painted in the workshop. Many thanks to you and all the people of Athens who made our work flowing and easy, inspiring and deep.

"Babaji in Athens"