Thursday, August 11, 2011

South America & Mexico


A Mountainous Force in


The Andes Range surrounds Santiago

During the week we spent in Santiago, Chile, with our students of Liberation Breathing®, we had the backdrop of the majestic Andes supporting the event and our presence in this remarkable section of the Andes Range. The city is surrounded my these majestic sentinels, and the clear winter atmosphere allowed us to be aware of them on a daily basis. As you can see, many people in South America would come here in the winter for July is the middle of winter here in the southern hemisphere! We stayed in the home of our organizers, Paula Estevez and Juan Somavia...and experienced hospitality that was exceptional and warm.

Juan, Mark, Paula and Sondra in the care of Amachi

Paula and Juan lead professional lives as well as being passionate about Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother. Paula, an engineer, is helping the planet liberate itself from fossil fuels by creating wind power in Chile. She is a project manager for a Danish company that is building "wind parks" to generate electricity. Juan has a background in the diplomatic service of Chile, and currently is an "ambassador" for the exceptional wine industry of Chile, helping to promote its fine grape products worldwide.

The Divine Mother energy was in the Surya Yoga Center of Santiago, where we held a five day Liberation Breathing Intensive I. It is a place with peace and quiet already strongly present....the perfect setting for the it made our work there easier and enjoyable. The people went very deeply into their process of introspection, aided by the presence of the Divine Mother to help them through their breathe and release. This "Dancing Goddess" graced the room where we congregated on our coffee breaks.

Our students in a happy moment of note taking

In the large space of the upper yoga room,
everyone got to breathe with their "buddy".
Of course all of the fun did not stop here. Paula and Juan's daughters, Amelia and Blanca, never ceased to amaze us with their talents at home. Amelia is quite the artist, and Blanca the dancer. Here is a drawing by Blanca of "Sondra and Mark", and a clay sculpture done by Amelia.

Our time in Chile was well spent in training our students in the art of Liberation Breathing®....with the blessing of the Divine Mother behind it all. THANK YOU, Paula, Juan and the people of Chile for putting your spiritual life in a place of high priority. We look forward to coming back next year and continuing our work with you and Alejandra Ramirez who will join the team of committed breathworkers in Santiago.