Friday, November 12, 2010

A Daughter & Mother Dynamo in Mexico

Julieta Azomoza with Sondra in Puebla, Mexico

Julieta is our great organizer in Puebla, Mexico. She is such a great light being and is always radiating joy. On this visit she brought around 35 wonderful new people to The Loving Relationships Training and they were all very open and bright, which is a reflection of herself. We had wonderful meals at her home with her family. She always calls me "Auntie" and that is because she feels I am the "spiritual aunt " for her young son, who happens to be very advanced. It is my pleasure to expose her family to Babaji.....

Irma Azomoza and Sondra at the workshop

Julie's Mom has created a wonderful center for spiritual enlightenment. It was Irma who first invited me to Mexico and I have enjoyed a long friendship with her. We stayed at her home and we were made to feel like instant family. Irma is highly trained in many schools and especially in all aspects of Transpersonal Psychology. She is a real gift to the community and brings so much enlightenment to Mexico.

People of Puebla sharing in a process

Many Thanks go to Julieta and Irma, and the people of Puebla for embracing the principles of Rebirthing into their spiritual practices, and for welcoming us into their community. We felt totally at home while doing our work there. The Divine Mother was very present, as we completed the training with a puja, divine worship to Her. We look forward to returning to Puebla next summer to continue sharing the Liberation Breathing® process, and to further strengthen our relationships with Irma, Julieta and their family. LOVE, MARK & SONDRA