Sunday, August 30, 2009

Purple Babaji

Babaji continues to manifest in Mark's paintings. He painted this one in last week's seminar in "The Living Waters" new age center in Minneapolis. The owners purchased it for permanent display in their center. He started it as a full field of purple, then worked into the purple with the portrait of Babaji, like the large photo we have of him in our house. Thank You, Tom, Mark, Kara, and Gina for your loving support at your center, and thanks also to Lee Beaty and Mary Zwack for graciously organizing the events !!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We just started a new center in Oregon with our organizer Kimmy Fleck and the help of Juliana Ericson from Nashville and Lisa Hart . Mark called us the "Divine Mother Brigade".

This was a very special experience since most of Kimmy's family came and took the training together - her mom, her sisters and one brother...and even her aunt. Well , imagine when I did the forgiveness test on parents!! We were impressed that Kimmy could get so many family members to come, which is unusual of course. After that we saw them for consultations too!
Because so many in that area are Catholics, Mark painted the Virgin Mary for the first time. So here you can see that one below. (He also painted Jesus in Ireland, so I wanted him to show you that too! People liked it so much that they commissioned him to paint others of Jesus and have them sent to Ireland.)
We really want to acknowledge the Fleck family for caring for us and surrendering. Mark has a tiny "Ganesh book", and he writes in it on the airplane. Because Ganesh is the aspect of God that removes obstacles, the book is about overcoming obstacles. Here is what he wrote on this trip:
"The family mind has a 'grip' on the way we live and think. Not only are we affected by how others in the family treated us ; but we are also affected by how we treated the family.The family mind needs to be transcended, or it can be an obstacle to Self Realization. Outgrowing the family mind does not mean running away from it; but rather, looking at it with the eyes of forgiveness. To step out of the family mind without judging it is one of the most challenging acts of forgiveness."
"Mother & Child in Oregon"

"Jesus in Ireland"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The benefits of
Sondra Ray !

LIBERATION BREATHING TM can change our life. Mark and I are entrusted with this new practice, and have been guided to trademark the name, which we did. LIBERATION BREATHING TM can take you to a new dimension. It can empower you to be you real self and enhance your potential. It can free you from the past. It can heal your emotional hurts and heal your body. It can blow your mind in the best way. It will definitely make you more spiritual, which is the most important thing right now.

(I am sure most of you know by now that Rebirthing itself is a safe and gentle breathing process that releases accumulated negativity back to and even including birth. It is connecting the inhale with the exhale in a relaxed, intuitive rhythm until the inner breath, which is the Spirit , is merged with the air, the outer breath. The good effects on life are immediate! Through this process , unwanted behavior patterns are revealed and released; and the heart opens so you can receive more love, peace and abundance.)

We have now taken Rebirthing to a new level which is more enhanced. Libeartion Breathing TM now includes the knowledge of Ho'Oponopono, A Course in Miracles, Babaji and the Divine Mother. Liberation Breathing TM will change your life....

Liberation Breathing TM is all about getting to the Fifth Dimension, where the planet is headed. It is about miracle consciousness that leaves behind the need to "manage" and "figure things out". We have to be coming from the state of no thought, no judgement, complete forgiveness. The Liberation Breathing TM facilitator has training in Rebirthing, Ho' Oponopono, A Course in Miracles, surrender to Babaji and especially surrender to the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother, or the feminine aspect of God, is the KEY to balancing out the patriarchy. The Divine Mother Herself gave me a new Advanced Wet Rebirthing training called the Liberation Training TM. It is the most powerful thing we could offer next to going to the Divine Mother Festival itself, in India. I feel that rebirthers who really want to do Liberation Breathing TM should attend the Divine Mother Festival in India with us to enhance the whole process they are offering. In Liberation Breathing TM we work with all the former energies, and I have been told it is nine times more powerful. Rebirthing itself is always great and always produces results; but when we add the Divine Mother processes, the client is taken to new realms .

The Liberation Breathing TM facilitator also is very very skilled in processing the mind of the client and unravelling the clients "wiring". It is all about UNDOING. We are willing to train rebirthers who want to rise to this new level. We need new paradigms now in everything, including in rebirthing. More spiritual energy flows by adding these prayers and mantras. Healing is quicker and deeper in my experience. Recently the rebirthers we took to the Spring Navaratri (Divine Mother Festival) in India themselves said that they felt every rebirther would benefit greatly by attending that. Furthermore , in India, the sages say there is nothing higher than worship of the Divine Mother, and they say that ONLY the Divine Mother gives the "boon" (blessing) of Physical Immortality. Liberation Breathing TM is a path to Ascension. I feel it is the supreme goal and can be achieved as Jesus Himself said.

Max Niederle & Sondra at our first Divine Mother evening in Nashville


If you read below in this blog how I manifested my perfect partner, you may wonder as many have why we chose to live in Nashville. It is very interesting. After I invited Mark to come to Asheville, where I was staying with my friend Toni Toney, he drove down in a snow storm and when he arrived at the house we were out to a book signing. Toni had left a message that he would be sleeping in the bed with me! (Again my friends were all cooperating with the universe's plan for us to be together) I did not know that, but there we were soon together. We had so much fun in Ashville that I asked Mark to come to Nashville with me. He said "I am 99% sure that I can't" so I said "Okay". But during a group rebirthing on Feb 14 (also Babaji's Samadhi day), I went over and checked on what was coming up for him during his session. He suddenly shouted out "I am going to Nashville!! Babaji moved into that 1% I left open.!!" I was of course elated.

In Nashville, we were planted in Julianna's bed (our organizer) and we were falling in love with each other, the city and all the live music. We had an incredible time. Sunday morning at the Unity Church I asked Toni to read her immortal poetry over the mike for the first time in her life. It was so sensuous and wonderful that Mark felt she was talking about us and he spontaneously proposed to me in the Unity Church of Nashville. So you see it was all building up. Besides we really loved the community Julianna was building. After our marriage we wanted to be in a neutral place, not in Phillie where he had been and not in LA where I had been. Before we knew it everything came to us on a platter. The community found us an apt. in a brand new building. And imagine THIS: While we were in India getting married and on our honeymoon in Thailand, Lisa from the community unpacked all of our stuff with the help of Irene and others. And Julianna even helped decorate it. So when we came home we opened the door and it was all done and decorated even better than I could have done it. What a dream come true . Now you can see why we live in Nashville. We love the music. We love taking walks around the Parthenon *(see below) and under all the trees at Vanderbilt University.

Love and Light, SONDRA

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Athena, is the goddess of wisdom, peace, warfare, strategy, handicrafts and reason, shrewd companion of heroes and the goddess of heroic endeavour. She is the virgin patron of Athens, which built the Parthenon to worship her.

Here in Nashville, the "Athens of the South", an exact replica of the Parthenon was built to house this Golden Athena, the "Divine Mother" of the Greek Pantheon who comes to the aid of devotees who invoke her wisdom for heroic endeavors.

The PARTHENON is alive and well in NASHVILLE !!!! When we were in Athens in the Spring of 2008 and toured the Acropolis, we were inspired by the Greek culture that had so much great insight into Architecture, Sculpture, Reverence for Divine Forces, and a BALANCE BETWEEN THE MALE & FEMALE POLARITIES. All of this 2500 years ago!!!!

Low and behold when we moved to Nashville we were delighted to have this replica intact of the Parthenon in our very "backyard". This wonderful asset to our neighborhood is a Blessing from the Divine Mother, delivered right to our doorstep. Not only is the Parthenon and a wonderful park nearby, but we are located right on the campus of Vanderbilt Univeristy, which has the most beautiful trees and arboretums you could possibly imagine. On some days we walk there and marvel at the 200 year old oaks and the magnolia grandifloras!!! Of Course we will be writing about Vanderbilt and the great trees in a future Blog. LOVE from NASHVILLE, the "ATHENS OF THE SOUTH", LOVE, M & S

Monday, August 10, 2009


When I felt ready to have a relationship, I decided I did not want any "ordinary" relationship.
I definitely did not want an unholy relationship. I wanted an extraordinary Holy Relationship and nothing less. Just one characteristic of that I figured was "DEEP EASE". So I thought I better achieve that in myself first. I meditated on that a whole year to prepare myself. That was the

Then I told my Master Babaji I wanted a Cosmic Tie and he could chose my mate. After all, only He would know the karma of any man and the ability to handle the future; and he would know who on earth could handle my lifestyle as a public figure. Not easy! It had to be someone
very spiritual and very unique. The second year I began to bring him nearer to me by a means that made my roommates laugh. I bought him (whoever it was) several presents and wrapped them. This was fun and quite a riot since I did not know who I was shopping for. I bought
a Brooks Brothers Shirt, Sandalwood cologne (outstanding!), and a white gold ring. So I had to guess at the size and since it was expensive, that was a risk for sure. I wrapped these presents
and put them under the stairwell, much to the entertainment of my roommates!

I was not in a hurry because I knew he would come when I was ready so I kept on praying to be ready. However the third year I got really really serious about this. I started doing a mantra
every day "Sat Patim Dehi Parameshwara" You have to speak it correctly and that is:
(Saht Pah-teem Day-Hee/PahRahm EshwarRah) and do it l08 times daily on the mala beads.
This was enjoyable and the meaning is this: "I want a man who will honor me and respect my
power; who will use my energy honestly and unselfishly without any anger or resentment"

The final thing I did was write him letters as if he was already here. I would start the letters
with "Dear Beloved" and I would share all my feelings and so on. This made it quite real.
Also I did the affirmation "I am so happy and grateful that the perfect man for me is here now"
You really have to make it real in present time.

I have to admit that I thought I would be meeting some international figure. I never ever dreamed he would come to me in Philadelphia! Mark had been completing a divorce and somehow he got a flyer in the mail that I was doing a seminar in Phillie. He decided to come to honor me and
give me gratitude for all I had led him to spiritually. I did not even recognize him because
I had known him and his wife 20 years ago and he was a Sikh then and totally different.
The day after the seminar he came to me for a consultation? I blurted out: "What are you doing
here, I mean, how could I consult you? You seem so clear!"
He told me he had come only to express gratitude and he gave me a hefty tithe. I then asked
him if I could see his art. I did not even get at the time this could be the one; but Babaji took over There were two Babaji devotees there in Phillie from Europe. Diana from London and Shanti from
Paris. They did kind of an "intervention" on me and they both said" Don't you get it that this is the ONE? " They were so insistant that I started to wake up to the possibility. Mark had given me his journal by chance and I started reading it. It was SO DEEP.
Here was a man who was a rebirther like myself/ a Course in Miracles teacher like myself/
a writer like myself/ a student of Hawaiian Ho O PonoPono like myself/ a Babaji devotee like myself.. Was he my Twin Flame in actuality.? So I called him and said I needed a new
Ho O Pono Pono book as mine was all beat up. He gave me the number of the woman who could help me with that. I emailed her and she said " Come Over" I called Mark and asked him
if he could drive me there and he said "Certainly". When I got in his car I had the shock of my life. He had a huge picture of my Kahuna teacher between him and me and I had never even seen that amazing picture. How many men would even know my Kahuna teacher Morrnah (pure Hawaiian Kahuna) let alone have a picture of her? That was a huge breakthrough and I really opened my heart. He took me and my assistant to dinner after that visit and I kept saying to myself "He is soo deeep." So after the dinner as we walked across the plaza I put my arm through his and he liked that.

So when we got back to the Philadelphia Rebirthing center, the "buzz" was that we were already
an item. We did not get it TOTALLY: but the following week I was in Ashville , N. C. for the
first time and Valentines Day was coming up. So I called Mark and asked him if he wanted come down and spend Valentine's Day with me. The rest is history. It was sooo easy and
P.S. Later when he came to California, the shirt fit perfectly, he loved the Cologne and
even the ring was a perfect fit.

Mark proposed to me in Nashville. We were married in Babaji's ashram a year later.

Sondra Ray
Advanced Rebirthing at it's best !!

The inspiration behind SONDRA RAY'S Loving Relationships Training and role as the major female voice for the Rebirthing movement. ADVANCE !!! into the new realms of spiritual adventure with SONDRA & her new husband MARK, as they write of their experiences and insights in India, with BABAJI, the DIVINE MOTHER, and the sages from the Himalayas.

The cover for Sondra & Mark's new manuscript on India & BABAJI, Sondra's wild stories of her encounters with this "Guru of Gurus", the Maha Avatar who manifested a body out of thin air in a cave in the Himalayas in 1970. Mark's poetry to this modern sage rounds out this classic story of questing for the higher SELF at the feet of the MASTER.

Publishing is pending. This is a call for a publisher to step forward who is interested in putting out this major work of SONDRA RAY, author of 17 previously published books on Rebirthing, Relationships, Forgiveness, A Course in Miracles, India, the Hawaiian wisdom of Ho'oponopono, The Divine Mother, and much more.

Address inquiries to MARK SULLIVAN,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sondra Ray's First Blog !!!

This is the first time I have ever written on a BLOG. It took the movie Julie/Julia to get us going.!
We have now completely finished the book "A Guaranteed Miracle From
Babaji" and we are awaiting a new publisher. Since I can say absolutely whatever I want on this blog, then I will
write about why I think having a Master is so wonderful.

When you have met your Master, you have your consciousness awakened. Your eyes discover the beauty of creation. Your ears hear divine words. You will taste heavenly food. Your feet will bear you with errands of good. Your hands will create a finer higher world of the soul. You will get victory over your weaknesses.

Your Master will emanate beneficial elements and His sole care is to give you elements of a higher nature. You find nothing but blessings when you are near Your Master. The Master will correct your mistakes and encourage you. Under His guidance you can end up being a Virtuoso!
He draws you along by His words and His example.

What do you meditate on? Most people's topics are money , power or someone they want to seduce. How can you meditate on Heavenly subjects when you have no high IDEAL? Find a Master who will give you the best ways to work so that you can really advance in your spiritual life! Some Masters need to be severe on us by telling us certain truths that force us to progress.
If I as a teacher, for example worried about all reactions of students, I would not get anything done! Babaji has given me many "injections" and "operations". But I was always grateful.
Nothing surprasses receiving his initiations!!
The Master gives you a love you could never find in your own family. What He wants is always the best for you. He wants us to be free, rich and loved by all! If we don't accept a Master then we get harder teachers such as illness, misery and difficulties. The Master will give you warnings about what will happen if you continue on a certain path. The Master is like a tuning fork. You end up vibrating quite differently . To me He is an essential tuning fork. If you are
serving a higher being than yourself and you give thanks to him...He helps you perform miracles.! If you allow the sort of Osmosis with your Master then you really benefit from his Light.
I want to replace all my imperfections with the qualities of My Master Babaji. I want to think like Him, feel like Him and act like Him and vibrate in unison with Him.

Mark is talking about the Divine Mother and
Babaji has left everything in the hands of the Divine Mother. Think about the symbol of the grail...It is a feminine symbol which invites
you to be in a state of receptivity. You want to receive the Holy Spirit.


"The Goddess of Mercy is unique among the heavenly hierarchy in that She is so utterly free from pride or vengefulness that She remains reluctant to punish even those to whom a severe lesson might be appropriate. Individuals who could be sentenced to dreadful penance in other systems can attain rebirth and renewal by simply calling upon Her graces with utter and absolute sincerity. It is said that, even for one kneeling beneath the executioner's sword already raised to strike, a single heartfelt cry to Bodhisattva Quan Yin will cause the blade to fall shattered to the ground."
adapted from an essay by Bethleen Cole

Sondra has this small statue of Quan Yin on her altar to the Divine Mother in her living room. There is a stillness emanating from this area of the apartment. The epitome of total relaxation, it is the energy of Quan Yin that we need in our lives to come to the quiet and stillness within. Sondra spends some time every day in front of Her, the "devotional" time everyone needs in their life to make contact with the sacred.

Just above Quan Yin is the painting of the Divine Mother that Sondra had painted for her apartment in Seattle. Always in a state of giving, this painting is at the center of the room, ready to give welcome and solace to the guest.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The last painting I did on canvas was of Tommy Gardner of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sondra and I were staying in the wonderful home of Tommy and his wife, Darlene Streit, overlooking the mountains and spectacular vistas of natural beauty.

I have been painting the Divine Mother and Haidakhan Babaji, the Maha Avatar who is our teacher. It occured to me I could also paint the people I know as friends, and imbue them with the same colorful qualities that reflect their inner light & spectrum.

Sondra and I were in town to do ADVANCED REBIRTHING sessions and seminars, and I naturally wanted to paint. So thank you Tommy and Darlene, for being my inspiration for a few days. Loving you from Nashville, MARK

The India Quest

Sondra Ray, one of the eminent pioneers and authors on the subject of Rebirthing, the deep breathing process that has helped millions worldwide clear their minds and bodies of toxic thoughts and memories, offers the annual India Quest in her schedule of Advanced Rebirthing seminars and workshops.

The India Quest introduces Westerners to the wonders of Rebirthing, India and the Divine Mother. Written about in many of her books, India is considered by many to be an ancient "motherland of religions".

In her book, Rock Your World With The Divine Mother, Sondra writes about the Divine Feminine energy she witnessed in India. Her adventures include travelling to a 5000 year old Divine Mother temple in Southern India and meeting a 400 year old female saint !!!!

After meeting the visionary children in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, who were seeing rapturous visions of the Virgin Mary, Sondra compares to her experiences to those in India:

"Of course the energies would be the same, as the Virgin is another aspect of the greater Divine Mother. The Divine Mother takes many forms. In Asia, she is seen as Quan Yin and is universally loved as the goddess of compassion. In Hawaii, many have seen Pele, the goddess of fire, manifest in the form of a woman near the volcanoes. In India she is Kali, Lakshmi, Tara, and so on. Presently there is an awakening of the sacred feminine in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world. "

The India Quest brings Westerners to the heart of the Divine Mother. For the past 25 years Sondra has taken annual groups to the Divine Mother Festival, the Navaratri, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Join Sondra Ray for this awe inspiring journey, March 12-27,2010. Explore your own Divine Mother within, and rise to this life changing occasion to meet India at its best, and practice Advanced Rebirthing. For more info on registering for the trip, go to and click "Journey to India" to begin your own "India Quest".