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IMMORTAL RAY FILMS.....presents explosion of JOY!

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This is from Sondra's " Letters to the Staff" that she writes weekly to her organizers all around the world. At LiberationBreathing.Com we will begin to post some of these to the general public, especially the ones that have a wider message. Here is the first of many.....and also a link to a video on the fire ceremony that is one of the tools for ascension.


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Dear Friends and Staff,

Ascension is the transcendence of the 3rd dimensional conscious awareness; a process completed in the merging of the physical body with the higher dimensional body—the Christ body, the light body. It is a divine marriage! It is a leap from the 3rd dimensional reality to the 5th. You go beyond birth and death. Physical immortality is the first step, and then eventually comes dematerialization and re-materialization! Your biology actually ascends.

Almost all lightworkers, and many others, have been talking about ascension in 2012. The big date is December 21st,  when we are taking a group to Bali. You’re invited to join us. 

What is ascension? Ascension is rising to a higher level or degree of light. It is not an event, but a momentum, a gradual shift, initiated by ourselves. When we really relax and enjoy the journey, it is like opening the sun roof to more light. We have to become infinitely flexible in response to life and light. There is no room for death if we are saturated with life. Death is a hardening of ourselves to the natural flow of evolutionary change. It takes a tremendous expenditure of energy to keep the Infinite away, and this hastens the decay and eventual destruction of the body. 

What you do prior to ascension determines the opportunities which are available to you. In other words, you cannot ascend to higher levels if you retain emotional density (fear, guilt, anger). 

You don’t think your way to ascension. It is a very heart-centered path. You have a great many blessings and great liberation. Here is what raises your light: generosity / abundance / singing / laughter / being out in nature and in beauty / serenity / love / clarity / relaxation / hugging from the heart / meditation / joy / thinking well of others. 



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From MAJA on our Iceland LBI II

Maja Beric from Serbia, Sondra, and Jacqui Storm form England.... in Iceland

"I breathed on the thought that 'all people are divine."

Although our LBI II in Iceland ended  a week ago, I am still trying to understand the experience. What happened there was powerful at many levels, because every day I felt I could go deeper and deeper. I arrived in Iceland quite tired and worried because of stomach pains I had had for months. On the second day I was breathing the pain out during the session, and Sondra helped me understand the pain was a negative thought stuck in my body. Amazingly simple, right?

The day after I was paired up with  a man from Australia who had a similar problem, just talking to him about it helped the healing process. Afterwards I had one of the most beautiful rebirths in my life. After breathing on the thought "I am divine" for a while, my whole body straightened. I was floating on the water effortlessly. It felt as if my whole body had spread all over the Blue Lagoon covering everyone and being fully present but very light. It was such an intense experience and lasted for a while after the session finished. I felt infinitely powerful as a human being. And blissful as well.

The next day  I breathed on the thought that "all people are divine". That thought was the safest possible  frame of mind one could have.  In my mind's eye there was an image of different people with all their negativity, patterns, pain coming out, actually pouring out. But, behind each of them I was able to see glorious light, their true nature. It had always been there no matter what they were going through at the moment. The image will stay with me as a reminder of what we are. It is also our goal to come back to light through breathing.

What struck me was the way I received messages I needed through different people in the group. Either Sondra and Mark paired me up with them or we 'accidentally' ended up talking about things I wanted to clear up. One way or the other miracles happened every day:-)
In the end, I hope people will soon start living their lives in small communities where they would feel safe to share their experiences and heal each other. After Iceland this idea does not seem so far-fetched  any more.




Sondra Ray and Mark Sullivan in Judy Totton

"Your grace is given me. I claim it now." 

 Sondra & Mark's dialogue in Hawaii 

on this important Lesson #168 

from A Course in Miracles

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sondra writes on recent Iceland Quest


and the 

Liberation Breathing® Intensive

We have just had the good fortune to be in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland with our group (21 in total).  We came ourselves for nine days. Five of these days we spent hours and hours wet rebirthing in the Blue Lagoon for our Liberation Breathing® Training. 

I can not say enough about this magnificent experience, and the highlight for me was to watch how much change and movement people made from the day they showed up to the day they left. People say true change is really hard and people rarely really change. So naturally as a spiritual teacher, I am more than excited to see it happen before my very eyes.   

I came to the Blue Lagoon orginally about 25 years ago with Don McFarland (founder of Body Harmony).  We came together as an experiment, as I had heard that a man who had psoriasis for many years and could not heal himself, went and stuck his arm in the Blue Lagoon and was healed. So I became determined to go there. Don and I took a group and we were all totally blown away by the power of Iceland and the results we saw among the students. I could not stop thinking about it and so when Mark and I got married I started telling him how much I wanted him to experience Iceland and the Blue Lagoon.   

Last year we brought a small group, mostly from Sweden. Everyone got as excited as I was and Mark was absolutely stunned with it all. So we decided to make it an annual event called the ICELAND QUEST: Liberation Training. This year people came from as far as Chile. People came from the US. People came from Australia. People came from Estonia, People came from Serbia. People came from England. People came from the Bahamas. People came from Bali. People came from Denmark. People came from Spain. People came from alot of places. It was truly international.   

Not only did people go very very deep in their own healing process, they also learned how to do a Liberation Breathing® session on one another. So every person had a new partner each day so they could practice rebirthing someone else. They found it equally powerful to be the facilitator and many committed to become LIberation Breathing ®practitioners.   

In the summer it stays light nearly to midnight, so one can imagine what it must be like in the winter when it is dark most of the time except for three hours. Then you see the Northern Lights which must be amazing as we saw many photos of them around The Northern Light Inn where we stayed.  The Icelandic people were so special to us. They were incredibly attractive, kind and helpful; being of course very strong people, also very clairvoyant.  It was healing just to be around them   

Naturally we took a day trip excursion to the Waterfalls and saw the expansiveness of Iceland itself. But as I am writing this on the plane, the man next to me (from NY) is showing me the photos on his MAC computer that he took on the glacier when he went dog sledding. It is really spectacular, so that would be something we should surely do next year. It was nice to hear so many people say they got way more than they expected from the Iceland Quest of 2012. Our hearts are immensely grateful for them and their transformations. 


Sondra at the Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Mark on the Blue Lagoon

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Turquoise Waters

of the 

Blue Lagoon

by Mark Sullivan

One is struck immediately by the beauty of the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Contrasted next to the sharp black volcanic rock surrounding the area, the combination is unlike any other natural thermal spring in the world. Just for this one stop, Iceland is well worth a visit to this Nordic land.....I call it a "Nordic Hawaii".  Active volcanoes are next to massive and ice...are the principle elements in this unusual environment.

During the summer months the sun barely sets....for a couple hours between midnight and 3 AM...the rest of the time it is bright and warm, pleasantly warm. In the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon one is washed clean by the minerals and purity of the springs. Nothing is added or taken the waters come up from the volcanic action happening deep below. At 250 degrees Celsius, obviously the water has to cool down for humans to enter the pools.....which is done nearby in a local power plant that harnesses the heat and then sends the cooler water out to the Blue Lagoon area for the Spa's usage.

Everyone came to the Blue Lagoon with high expectations. One participant said on the first day, "If nothing more was given than this first experience of the Blue Lagoon, I would feel like I totally got my money's worth."  C.A. from Bali.  We continued on there for five days in the turquoise waters.


Here are two pages from my recent manuscript, "Poems to My Masters".



"This beauty of the black rock and mineral thick water of the Blue Lagoon brings my mind to stillness. Nowhere on earth do these elements combine in such a way, and I am held in the awe of Your creation.  This land of ice and fire, of glaciers and volcanoes, of Vikings and Norsemen, of modern excursions into the wildness of nature divine, all draw me to this meeting with my Self, the still and silent place within that emanates into the very core of this Icelandic diorama. Happy is my heart to be in the wonders of Your diversity.  The sharp cutting edges of lava stones pile up in mounds and small hills; meandering through the formations is the aqua milky liquid of thermal springs providing such a remarkable bath of turquoise blue.  O Mother of all natural beauty, You are my Master of Love, my Source of utmost Joy. Be You ever present in my awareness. Be you ever at the crest of my life and guide my actions in the service of Your divine Life. You are the Love beyond all loves, the infinite dynamo of galaxies and universes.  You are the Northern Light of my soul that brings me here to this vision of perfection."


We invite you to the ICELAND QUEST 2013....July 18-24, experience for yourself this magical land and Liberation Breathing in the Blue Lagoon. 


Go to for details.