Wednesday, October 14, 2015


What is ascension?  Ascension is rising to a higher level or degree of light. It is not an event, but a
momentum, a gradual shift, initiated by ourselves. When we really relax and enjoy the journey, it is like opening the sun roof to more light. We have to become infinitely more flexible in response to
life and light. There is no room for death if we are saturated with life. Death is a hardening of ourselves to the natural flow of evolutionary change. It takes a tremendous expenditure of energy
to keep the Infinite away, and this hastens the decay and leads to the eventual destruction of the body.

What you do prior to ascension determines the opportunities which are available to you. In other words, you cannot ascend to higher levels if you retain emotional density (fear, guilt, anger).

Ascension is the transcendence of the 3rd dimensional conscious awareness; a process completed in the merging of the physical body with the higher dimensional body—the Christ body. It is a divine
marriage! It is a leap from the 3rd dimensional reality to the 5th Dimensional Reality.

(The third dimension is what you see on TV= drama, no love, thinking in the box, no integrity, anger and conflict.  The fourth dimension is what we have been moving through in the "new age". It is
about self love, more integrity, thinking outside the box, and trying new modalities. But the answers are not there.  The fifth dimension is Christ Consciousness, miracle consciousness, unconditional love, no anger, no drama, agelessness and all the goodies.)

In the fifth dimension you go beyond birth and death. Physical Immortality is the first step, and then eventually comes de-materialization and re-materialization. Your biology actually ascends.
But you don't THINK your way to ascension. It is a very heart-centered path. You have a great
many blessings and great liberation.

Here are some things that raise your light:  generosity/abundance/singing/laughter/being out in nature and in beauty/serenity/love/clarity/relaxation/hugging from the heart/meditation/joy/ and
thinking well of others.

Love, Sondra


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