Monday, October 12, 2015


The Dali Lama said that in the West we open a lot of doors but do not find the answer because there is one door we don't consider. That door is Past Lives. Well we DO have to consider it and many clients have what I call a “bleed through” from their past lives to this one. That is when they bring in TOO MUCH material from a past life and keep on living it in this life. 

Take the client we had to today. She kept telling us she was an "illusion" and I thought that was such a strange personal lie as I had never had that one before. I processed her to the point she wanted to vomit, and then I finally got down to it.

In this life she is a doctor. She has a lot of fears, even fears I found out and one was of being burned. That was the first clue I was dealing with a past life. She also thought she was “dirty” and confessed an unusual condition: a very thick hymen like leather which had to be opened by doctors. Her first sexual experience was a rape more or less. It seemed she was engaging in orgies in past lives. She was in some kind of power in past lives but either ended up being wrong with sex or being persecuted for healing powers. So she had it wired up that if she was in her female power she was bad and wrong. She could not get it that her power was safe. So she hid her spiritual healing powers behind being a doctor. 

She was afraid to be called a witch even now. Her ego “solution” was to remain small and powerless in this life even though she was a doctor. Her “bleed through” from past lives kept her so stuck in fear she became “an illusion” or “not here,” so no one would discover who she really is. So she had it wired that her REAL SELF was dangerous and bad. 

Of course we know that one's REAL SELF is good and holy so she had it wired all backwards. I could not have gotten anywhere with her unless I nailed her past lives. Markus and the translator were shocked at how much I was “grinding” up her mind but I felt it was absolutely necessary. We even had to get out the vomiting pan. But she loved the session because we got to the bottom of her case and cleared her fears!! 

I had another client who was my chiropractor and it was very very difficult to get her personal lie. She would not “let me in”. Every time I would try, she would get a severe headache. I started hanging out with her a bit to study her behavior. I was really stunned to see that what she created around her were dramas at the level of a James Bond Movie. This would go on in restaurants and everything. It was all very mysterious to me. 

One night I pleaded with Babaji to help me with this case. He told me to turn on the television. There was a show right then on a “double agent” spy. I immediately realized she had been that in a past life, So of course she could not let me know who she was and kept me from knowing. It also explained the James Bond drama I experienced around her.! Then I finally realized that her personal lie was actually “I am a mystery.” I told her this and she accepted it. Some of her friends later told me that they were not so sure she wasn't still doing that in this life. They said “We think her chiropractic practice is just a cover”. Imagine.

Think about it.

Love, Sondra


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